Tips for writing SEO Friendly Blog Post

Bloggers used different methods to get their article rank high and search engine friendly, for this they try to write SEO friendly blog posts. But many of us (especially new bloggers ) will not get the correct guideline and could not see their posts at the top pages of search engines. They even search a lot to get ideas but even then they have low ranked Posts.

Today I have compiled all such Tips that will be useful to write an SEO friendly blog post and will hopefully increase the organic traffic as well asseo friendly blog post Google Page Rank because a single well-optimized blog post may get you the top position and a badly written may Penalize you with Google Panda update.

2 Tips for Writing  SEO Friendly Blog Post:

Here are the 2 points that should be considered for writing a search engine friendly blog post.

1 – Blog Post Title:

The blog post title is the line that appears in the search whether made by search engines or by the visitors it is the first impression that may compel the visitor to click or to omit and search for another one. It is like “the first impression is the last impression”. So be selective in the blog post title, make a checklist for writing an SEO friendly blog post title and then proceed to write a quality article. There should be a proper permalink, at least one keyword, and an eye-catching title.

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2 – Quality Content:

Content is king and after the attractive title, the visitors will read first few lines and then the headings of your article to judge the content whether it is useful for them or just time-wasting, so try to write unique and quality content and see if it has the following bullet points to make it enough admirable and search engine friendly.

  • Produce purely and not copied, because it is spamming and the search engine will penalize your blog for it.
  • Have enough Keywords Density and not stuffed with a lot of keywords because it is again can use keyword density checker plugin for this.
  • Check the h1,h2,h3 headings, they must be used properly, do not overuse them.
  • Properly optimize by using the alt attribute to the image used in the article.

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  • Check the grammar and errors in the content because search engines hate poor grammar and mistakes.
  • Make sure inbound linking, so that users may get enough chance to see other articles too but the links should be related.
  • The article should be at least 400-600 words.
  • There should be a proper use of keywords within the article and do not overuse them.

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  • Make Proper Paragraphs and divide content wisely.
  • Consider the timings where most of your traffic visits your blog, it is also better to publish on weekends but it is recommended there should be a schedule of your posting.
  • Select some appropriate category for your post.

At The End:

So you are ready to publish it but just take some minutes by seeing it previews whether there is anything to do any settings of images, paragraph or some important points that you forget to include, just take no time and do them. Now when you are satisfied and then hit to publish and see the organic traffic.

Do you have any query or the point to mention for a writing SEO friendly blog post, then do not too much time just hit the comment to let others be informed.

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