Rewrite old Blog Posts to make them SEO Friendly

Rewriting old blog posts is rather than an amazing fact because the one who has spent handsome time and keyword research to write SEO friendly post must think for a while. but the question is can every blog post should be rewritten or which kind of blog posts can be considered to rewrite. I can share with you the reality of why and how to rewrite old blog posts so that they can be made SEO friendly.

Why Rewrite Old Blog Posts:

The question is why to rewrite an old blog post….? and should we rewrite every blog post. The answer is that there are some of the posts that may not SEO friendly and it might possible that it was written in that time when you have not enough knowledge about SEO, keywords, link building or about getting targeted traffic for your blog…..So what happened.

  • It will be no more visible at the top pages in the search engine.
  • You may notice fewer comments or no comments.rewrite old blog post to enhance seo
  • Google Panda update may affect on your domain.
  • Blog Google Page Rank may decrease.
  • Alexa traffic Rank may also not improve.
  • You may need to interlinks with other posts.
  • People will take no notice or it will be no more interesting for readers

So by reading the above bullets, it is necessary to rewrite old blog posts.

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Which Posts Should be rewritten:

It is not necessary to rewrite every blog post, rather than there are some points should be considered before start rewriting.

  • Check the permalink structure of your existing and old blog post, if they have a date in it (like mine blog permalink) then it is not possible to make a certain change in its title( and only change can be made in its content), because in this way you may have to change the permalink structure or have to use redirect link(which is pretty difficult)
  • Check about the post title because some posts are for the time being (mostly in the case of technology blogs), that may have some technology update, some breaking news or else one.
  • Some specific link is missing and has to include this one in it.

How to Rewrite Old Blog Posts:

See the following points while rewriting old blog posts.

  • If Permalink structure(post titleĀ  in the address bar) is date free then include some famous keywords(one or max two in it)
  • Check the keyword density and use some high traffic search keywords with high CPC in it at appropriate places.
  • Divide the posts into paragraphs by using proper H1, H2, and H3 tags.
  • Check the grammar and sentence structure and correct it accordingly(if necessary)
  • Use some famous tags in it.
  • Link it with other famous/related posts within your blog.
  • Use alt tags with the images and make them SEO friendly.
  • You may get a new idea or some update so don’t waste time to include it.
  • Remove duplicate content.
  • use some video links in it.
  • Minimize the stop words in the content.
  • Make it rich enough but should be qualitative.
  • Remove the dead links or broken links.
  • Add Meta Tags to Post for this you can use All in One SEO Plugin.

I hope the above-stated lines will help to rewrite old blog posts and will make them SEO friendly.

Do share any idea related topic.

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