SEO Checklist To Make Blog Search Engine Friendly

SEO is an important part of blogging and every blogger must have some strategic plans in his mind whether he is starting a new blog or want to run an edit. But be careful while doing SEO because Blackhat SEO will not only reduce blog traffic but it may also Penalize your blog with Google Panda update.

To make blog SEO friendly I have arranged an SEO checklist. It will not only increase organic traffic but will also make a blog search engine friendly.

SEO Checklist To Make Blog Search Engine Friendly:

Many factors are necessary while doing SEO, technotrait have collected such points that are equally valid for both the beginners and pro bloggers.


The most important part of article writing and niche selection is the use of proper keywords. Since there are many tools to check keywords popularity and keywords density. But the main thing is the selection and their use in proper places.

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2-Quality Content:

Since Content is king and with quality and well-written content, it will increase its search engine visibility and will make it search engine friendly. For updating content, it is necessary to rewrite old blog posts so that it may also well optimized according to the current Google Algorithm.

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3- Link Your Posts:

Linking blog posts can be done in three ways

  • Backlinks – Can be achieved by blog commenting, article submission, guest posting, directory submission…..

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  • inbound Links – can be achieved by using proper anchor text.
  • Outbound Links – These are the most important part because too many outbound links will decrease the Google Page Rank of your blog, it is recommended to use no-follow blog comment and try to avoid spam comments.

4-Be Social:

Social media is the most powerful way to have proper and effective SEO. You have to link up every update to social media like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other emerging media.

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5-Blog Loading Time and Bounce Rate:

Faster loading blogs will get more attention as compared to the slow loading, so try to reduce the blog loading time and bounce rate.

6Google XML Sitemaps:

Sitemaps are a list of all the URLs submitted/generated by you, it is important to have sitemaps because bots, crawlers, and spiders can only understand this. so try to have all sitemaps including web, images and mobile sitemaps.

There are lots more factors which you will get online but I preferred to cover the once which are important for SEO and if done properly than very useful for all the bloggers. There should be not any shortcut or a spamming way to take rank higher because you can not cheat search engines but can cheat to yourself, so be passionate and have proper white hat SEO to make blog search engine friendly.

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