Google Project Glass Will Finally be Made in USA

Google Project Glass was introduced by Google in last year. Being one of the unique Project by Google many eyes were still waiting for it, although Google had introduced it in their headquarter in California. But still, he decided to manufacture it only in the USA. Google Project GlassSo it will be a great news for the American citizens that this Google Project Glass will be introduced to the world from their homeland.

It was again claimed by Google that there will be no more wait and launch this Google Project Glass by the end of 2013.

When talking about the situation of its production in other the USA, then some opposition was seen to make this product other than the USA, so Google has decided to launch their innovative product from their headquarter in California. Only a few thousand will be produced by Foxconn this year.

What is Special In Google Project Glass:

Let’s have a look at this innovative device, Its inbuilt camera is controlled by voice recognition software and can send photos and videos directly to the web, via a connected smartphone, while a small prism-like screen above the wearer’s right eye displays search results and can send them directly to the internet.

There also news for those who are already using glasses, that Google will ensure to do something more for them.

What is special you can do with this product is by saying ok:

  • can make and receive a call
  • can send messages
  • can schedule your meetings, gossips or even more.
  • can track the location of your favorite place through GPS
  • can also record by using a built-in video camera.

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Google Project Glass Price:

When talking about the price then Each pair of this product is expected to retail for around US$1,300-1,500.

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