6 Steps to Convert your visitors into Loyal Blog Readers

Getting organic traffic is not a bad idea, but the thing is whether these visitors will be loyal blog readers, will these blog readers again visit your blog…it is a questionable and important issue for many bloggers. The loyal blog readers will not only increase blog traffic but will also take part to share the pocket load. But the thing is why a visitor will return to read your blog content again, or why he should click the other blog contents and spend more time at your blog, well this thing will be no more questions and will be discussed in detail.

6 Steps to convert your visitors into loyal blog readers:

To get these daily visitors into returning loyal blog readers, we do a lot of efforts, we choose a paid or attractive theme, do much more seo, spend a lot of time in social media marketing and lot of others…..However beside these there are other factors to consider.convert visitors to blog readers

1-Focus on Quality of content and not on quantity:

To load your blog with tons of contents and posts is not a bad idea but it is not a good way to get  blog readers. The returning readers will just see the content and slip away to other page or to search for other related contents  in return you will lose some good loyal blog  readers.So always try to write something unique and informative to help your visitor stay at topic and alternatively decrease blog bounce rate.

So what should we do…we should focus on the quality of contents by

The main thing is your visitors must find some useful content that may compel them to stay there or to become returning blog visitor.

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2-Choose attractive theme:

When an organic or referral visitor comes to your blog, he first sees the layout or in other words the theme of your blog. So what happened, he will just look around and will find some good options to click or to stay there. The more the theme is attractive the more time visitors will stay there and the more will be chances to visit again. You can also divide your layout into different sections, in this way you can work on each one more precisely and resulting the theme will be more appealing.

3-Communicate with your Readers:

Adding comment section for the readers is a good way to communicate with them. The more you reply the comments the more visitors will encourage. So when a visitors ask any question try to reply it and solve the query as early as possible. Also try to say thanks and make good niche community, because remember one thing that you are not the alone in this blogging world and you have to make as may friend as you can, just for the survival of your blog.

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4-Encourage visitor to subscribe your blog as well as posts:

An organic visitor that visits your blog should give a chance to subscribe the posts or your blog. Because there are very rare chances that the organic or referral visitor may see your blog again, so it is very important and to encourage your visitors to subscribe. To do this you can add simply “Email Subscription Form”, and try to place it a prominent places and especial at the end of article. You can also send daily, weekly or even monthly Newsletter to stay your readers in contact with you.

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5-Use Social Media impact:

Social media, no doubt are the great source of referral traffic. It is also easy for the visitor to find fresh and related content from the website like Face book Twitter, LinkedIn and stumbleuopn. By posting updates timely you can fetch these visitors back and compel them to visit it again and again.

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6-Reward your blog visitors:

Rewards, gifts and Giveaways are always encouraging visitors. You must have some unique contents in form of some book,formula,some discount coupons or even free themes to download time by time. This will not only promote your blog but will also create a space about your blog in the visitor’s mind.

Last words: To convert your visitors to loyal blog readers is very simple “you have to prove that you can have and can provide something different and informative as compare to other ones.”

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