5 On Page SEO Mistakes that one should avoid

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to drive blog traffic. But what happened when one is doing on-page SEO in the wrong way or repeating mistakes…then the same SEO will destroy the blog and will not only decrease the Page Rank but may also penalize your blog with Google Algorithm Update. So you should know the common mistakes repeated by most of the bloggers especially newbie while doing on page SEO.

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5 On Page SEO Mistakes that one should avoid:

Although the list of on-page SEO is quite long, after going through the practical approach I have selected some common mistakes that one should avoid.

Odd Post Title or Page URL:

what happened when your blog post or page title have URLs like yoursite.com/p123 or something similar to that. In that case, the search engines will be unable to understand the post or page title and alternatively, it would not appear in Search Engine Ranking. So while selecting Post Title or Page Title try to use meaningful and keywords enable the title.on page seo mistakes

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Duplicate Title Tags:

The first thing that attracts visitors and can cause huge targeted traffic is the use of SEO optimized Title Tags. But what happened when we repeat the same title in more than one of our post, then Google takes it seriously and consider it as a spam action. Because according to Google every page of your blog should have unique content and there should be no duplicate title tags or even content.

Improper Use Of Keywords:

Keywords are the main source to be on the first page of search ranking. For this, we mainly select keywords( by using Google AdWords Keyword Tools) and try to put them at different places in our title as well as in content.

But we should focus on the quality and their proper use because irrelevant keyword will give us nothing and even if we have selected right Long Tail keyword then its proper use is necessary so that we may avoid keyword spamming.

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Too Many Advertisement:

Everyone wants to get some reward from blogging and for this, he normally uses advertisements like Google AdSense,buy-sell ads or even something else. He also tries to keep these ads above the fold, so that visitors may see it without scrolling.

But this is against the blog health and will not only irritate the visitors but may also increase bounce rate and alternatively the blog may be penalized by the Google Panda and Penguin.

So try to avoid too many advertisements and try to keep them within the limit.

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Low-Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are considered to be an important source of getting traffic and to increase Google Page Rank, For this, we usually do Guest Blogging and blog commenting. But one thing we should keep in mind is niche related blogs. Because unnecessary and backlinks from low-quality blogs will affect blog Page Ranking.

Also, we use some other way to get quick backlinks to increase search ranking but we should keep in mind that Google is smart in that sense because building too many backlinks in a short period may penalize your page rankings.

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So while doing SEO we should avoid the above on page SEO mistakes, so that we can improve search engine rankings of our blog and can drive a lot of organic traffic.

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  1. It is good to read posts like this. SEO experts do know this mistakes but it is also good to read it over and over again to help us remind what need to be done on a site even on a blog.


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