7 Things to do after installing wordpress

WordPress is the most popular CMS today due to its user-friendly platform,plugins,themes and widgets and all can be gain after installing wordpress.Although there are many stuff already published about things to do after installing wordpress and here I will share some important things  that I have learned during my blogging career,and hope so will help the new ones to improve performance as well as their blog security and seo score.

7 Things to do after installing wordpress:

So here come the important things that one should do after installing wordpress. Things after installing wordpress

1-Change the Permalink Structure: Permalink is the url structure that one can see in the address bar while visiting a post or article.by default the url structure is similar to option 1 but you can change it as your will and mostly the bloggers used the structure similar to option 2.permalink structure installing wordpressBut the question is which permalink structure should be used…..?

I have two reasons to select the permalink structure

  • If you are giving pure bogging contents then the option 2 will be best for you because the more close the keywords in post title the more will be seo friendly blog title.
  • If you are giving technology news (as i have ) then it is prefer to use any other than option 2,because technology news are usually time related and updated by the time.

Remember one thing that try to kepp your selected permalink same in all post,otherwise changes may lead 404 errors and you have to do lot of things including redirection to show your posts in search.

2- Install and activate the Theme:

usually the wordpress have default theme like twenty eleven or twenty twelve (or similar to them) these themes are simple and have no more attraction also they are not user-friendly.There are lot of other free themes available at the wordpress site,you can download from them.but I will prefer the thesis theme,because these are seo friendly,well optimized and user friendly themes.You can get a paid theme of your will or search little to find some free thesis themes to download.

3-Updating General Information:

Go to Settings> General> under  General settings and will see a lot of spaces about your blog including Title,Tag line,Email address and other options,all you need is to update the options according to your niche blog and save changes.

4– Install Necessary Plugins:

Plugins are the essential part of any blog,although there are a lot of plugins to download and used but still then i have confined them to a limited number according their need.

To install any plugin just follow Plugins>Add new>search plugin or upload an existing saved plugin.

Thing to remember: Do not use too much plugins as these may affect your blog performance and can increase your blog loading time.


5- Add Email Subscription Form:

After installing wordpress and setting up the blog you will need an email and RSS subscription form,so that every time when a visitor see your quality content he may get a chance to visit it again or can get the updates from your blog directly in his email account. For this Google feed burner form is the best solution and will alternatively increase your blog traffic.

6- Update Your Ping List:

Pings are the automatic info about your blog update to the special website/search engines.

All you need is to go under your admin area to settings>writing> just scroll down and you will see update services,currently there may be some pings url but i have compiled a list of pings for you,just copy and paste them and click to save changes.

7– Setting up Robots.txt File:

Each blog have some unique content,and it can be seen/crawled by search engines or not for indexing is depend upon robot.txt file. It has usually the url like http://www.example.com/robots.txt so all you need is just thoroughly check the your blog files/directories >write a unique file in note pad>upload it to the root directory in c panel.

It is also advised to visit some of famous niche blog to understand and use of robot.txt file.

Share the Thought:  That’s all kindly share your experience  about the things after installing wordpress on your blog.

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