3 Safe ways to get Backlinks after Google Penguin Update

Getting safe Backlinks by keeping in view Google Panda or Google Penguin update is really important as well as a  challenge not only for the blog but also for the bloggers. Especially if you are a pro blogger and want to introduce your blog content to other internet lovers.

In order to get backlinks, you may use different SEO techniques without knowing whether it is white hat or black hat SEO.I t was a good practice but after the Google Penguin update  in the last month of may,2013, It is no more exist among the famous and top bloggers, because these kinds of methods have not only harm their PR but also decrease their blog traffic  and  Google have penalized many blogs that were involved in spam link building activities.Google Penguin safe backlinks

So what should we do now…should we hire some seo company or search for some other way to get backlinks for our blog.

You need not to be worry because I have compiled Google Panda and Penguin safe ways to get quality backlinks that will not only increase the blog traffic but will also boost your Google Page Rank.

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3 Safe ways to get Backlinks after Google Penguin Update:

Building backlinks for your blog are not so difficult, it required consistence, patience and hard work and most of the new blogger just put it behind and alternatively become a victim of spamming. So keeping in view here is the 3 safe ways to get backlinks that won’t be effected by Google Panda or Google Penguin update.

1-Getting Backlinks from Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the safest and easiest  way to get backlinks for your blog. With guest blogging, you will get free, natural, permanent and Google penguin safe backlinks. It is as easy as 123

  1. write a unique and compelling article along with  author bio
  2. search for your niche blogs
  3. submit this at one of high PR blog and get Backlinks.

After the Google Penguin update, most of the blogs made guest blogging rules strict. So if you are the webmaster or the owner of a blog then just keep in mind that do not accept such blogs links which are penalized by Google or having low rank. Because Google Penguin update noticed and penalized such blogs that have poor links or involve in any spam link exchange scheme.

2- Backlinks by Blog Commenting:

This is one of the most popular ways to get backlink because it need not so much effort as like in guest blogging but just you have to find your niche blogs and have some good and meaningful blog comments. This method will help in many ways

  • By reading the article your knowledge about the specific topic will update.
  • By commenting you will get a free baacklink.
  • Some cum luv enable blogs to give you a chance to show your latest post along with the comment
  • twitter link is also optional backlink for you.

Most of the bloggers find it easy to have comments on blogs and get backlinks in reward. But all you need is patience and consistency. This method will not only provide you with free and permanent backlink but will also increase your Google Page Rank.

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 3- Backlinks From Forums:

Forums are the other popular way to get instant backlinks. Nearly all the forums provide the signature option under  profile section. so you have to add your blog url there. This will give you a backlink. You can also share your thoughts  in some forum discussion and try to solve the problems, this will not only make you popular but will also induce readers to check your profile and chances are there that they will visit your blog.

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There are many high PR forums available , just find your niche related forums or you can type “Your-niche+Forums”  for example if you want to search for seo forums then just type “seo+forums” and hit enter and go for high PR forums search to get Backlinks.

These are the simplest ways to get free and instant backlinks. Do you have another ideas then do share.

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  1. Hey Rafaqat,

    I always like to read posts like this to see if everyone pretty much says the same thing. So far so good.

    I agree, no more underhanded ways to get backlinks or Google will slap you silly. It’s hard sometimes to recover from that but the best way to build up your blog is by just doing it naturally. We have to get out there and promote ourselves everyday anyway so commenting on other blogs is a great way to start. Through this venture you’ll meet people and hopefully get some invitations to guest post for them. I’ve never cared too much for forums but I hear they still work well.

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope everyone will take your suggestion run with them. I sure have.


  2. Oh my god. Really thanks, I just don’t know what to do! Recently mine website hitted by Panda update. This article help me lot!

  3. You are talking about getting backlinks from guest postings on blocks but you are not allowing here backlinks – that is an good example!!

  4. Getting backlinks from gues blogging is the best way i will recommend for anyone, apart from the Backlink you will get by guest posting on Blogs with High PR,you will also get More traffic,which will eventually convert to More Traffic

  5. Nice post. Thank you for your information. Many people got burned by Google Penguin so i find your post very helpful. I guess blog and RSS directories should be avoided from now on.

  6. I used the 2nd and the 3rd one steps but I’ve never try the 1st one before ,so after reading this I look forward to try the 1st one.
    Thanks !

  7. Thank you so much for the wonderful information.This is really important for me.I am searching this kind of information from a long time and finally got it.


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