Increase Affiliate Marketing With GoCodes WordPress Plugin

Is it possible to increase affiliate marketing by using WordPress plugin..? yes Gocodes WordPress plugin will give us a simple technique to redirect our affiliate links by making them part of our blog link structure.Gocode WordPress Plugin

Many bloggers have adopted affiliate marketing as profession. For this they have rushed towards many affiliate links,but most of them could not earn too much although they have blog readers as well as handsome traffic….but why..? I will explain it and try to resolve the issue in today’s lines,Just keep on reading a get the secret and simple thing.

Why We need Gocodes wordpress plugin:

Before proceeding to the tutorial, let’s see why we need this  plugin..?

Whenever we used an affiliate link at our blog it has some annoying and unattractive things like
  • its lengthy url
  • the reference id or reference name
  • External link
  • cloaking

so what happened when we just move our mouse pointer at the given picture or some text link then at the bottom we will see the above three …….so most of us leave the page or just hesitate to click in order to go for our affiliate link. So only few of the visitors will follow and in result we got some cents as compared to our traffic and visitors.

But after using this plugin,we will have a chance to increase the campaign of affiliate marketing,that’s why I am stressing to have this plugin. Although there are a number of ways to redirect your affiliate link but for a new one it is hard to find one suitable,especially if you want to edit  .htaccess file.

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How to increase Affiliate marketing with Gocodes WordPress Plugin.

before going towards the words of how to increase affiliate marketing using this plugin,Let’s first have some steps to download this plugin,

  • Go to Add new plugin and search for “Gocodes wordpress plugin”
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Go to settings>Gocodes (to go at Gocode setting page)
  • Choose trigger (as I have gone,you may choose any like recommend,refer etc)

Gocodes wordpress plugin

  • Remember to check Nofollow codes to avoid Google Penguin Penalty
  • click save settings and go to  Tools>Gocodes to add new Gocode

Gocode wordpress plugin settings


  • Write down the short name to your affiliate product in “Redirection key”, for example i have added thesis for thesis theme link
  • In “target url” add the affiliate link (as per given during affiliate marketing)

Remember to check the “count” so that you may track your redirection.

so you have done now copy the link given in the “Manage Gocodes”  just like i have for thesis theme.

Now let’s come to the conclusion of how it increase affiliate marketing just see the link difference



So download Gocodes WordPress plugin and see the difference The answer will be in your eyes.

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