How to Find out the Top Rankings Keywords Of your Own Blog Using Google Analytics

Keywords are the most effective part of blog contents,selection of  right keywords will not only make your content search friendly but will also help to improve  Google Page Rank of  your blog. In today’s post I will explain a simple and important way to find out the  top rankings keywords of your own blog by using Google Analytics.

This method will give you a chance to focus your top rankings keywords and hence may also help to increase organic tratop rankings kewords using google analyticsffic by using them properly. It will also a guideline for the new bloggers,who are just wondering to use these keywords effectively. Although there are some paid wordpress plugins and other sources to find keywords but this method is totally free and effective.

Before proceeding further let’s talk about the importance of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a great and free open source by Google help the publishers in many ways.

whenever you apply for any ad network they will ask to provide visitor detail by using Google Analytic,it will also help to track visitors, their tendency,interest,social media traffic,part of direct and referral traffic, Site speed ,site search,in page Google Adsense overview and many many other useful techniques for the bloggers.

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How to Find out the Top Rankings Keywords Of your Own Blog Using Google Analytics:

We already know that Google Analytics is the most popular open source by Google. It can help to make blog rankings better in many ways,the method I am going to explain will track the top rankings keywords of your blog,it is also important in term of recent Google Penguin update in which many blogs have lost their top keywords rankings.

So here are the easy steps to find top rankings keywords of your blog.

  • Sign in to Google Analytics and go to the Dashboard.
  • Go for Content > Site Content > Landing Pages

top rankings keyword research

You can see your top 5-10 pages of your blog that can be seen to most of your visitors.

Just click on any of the page to see its top keywords or the keywords for which the page is getting more readers. Select Keyword from the top tab.

keywords using Google Analytics

You can see the keywords search by most of your readers,including total visits,visit/page,Avg.visit Duration, new visits and the bounce rate.

So you will get a handsome info which keyword is getting more new visitors or which one is loosing traffic,and in this way you can manage your blog content by focusing these keywords.

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Final words:

So you have found the easy way to get top ranking keywords using Google Analytics,feel free,if you have any query.

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  1. Great man ! I never noticed that when using Google Analytics..
    Will work on it and hope it could help me great !
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. I also run a blog. I have not done any keyword analysis for it. Now after reading your post I think keyword analysis is also the important part of blogging. We can promote our blog with these keywords.


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