6 Killer Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

Do you want to know the killer tips to increase your blog comments,if yes then this is the right place for that.Because I have complied such proven ways that will surly help you to catch the attention of visitors and help to get of useful blog comments.

Before proceed let’s see why you are worried about the blog comments..?

Think you have written killer content,have made effective seo,social media marketing…..but even then you did not have much comments or have few one…..if the condition so then some thing missing or not well planned.

So do not worry,just stick here to increase your blog comments.

6 Killer Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments:

1-Write Unique and attractive content:

You are not the alone in this blogging community,there are thousands of others (may be most of them are much experienced and re known) who are contributing with their content,so why a reader or a visitor will stay on your blog to read further or go through the entire content.tips to increase blog comments

It is the content that will attract the visitors and will change them into readers.

So always write unique,useful and attractive content,that must keep you prominent from others and people would not feel waste of time by visiting your blog.

2-Ask for Comments:

If you have given seo optimized and useful content to your readers then just don’t shy to ask a question from your readers.But your words should be soft,for example:

Do give me feed back with your valuable comments

If you feel any query then do comments

What will you say about the content,do share with your comments

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3-Respond to The Comments:

It is a good habit to check your pending comments time by time(at least twice a day) and answer them regularly.

Why ..? because your blog commentators will expect their query as soon as possible. because when you will not respond them then you will ignore them and alternatively they will never come to comment again,so why you should wait,just give honor to them and make reasonable answer so that  they will encourage to come and comment again. But be productive in your reply and feel free to face any

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4-Reward Top Commentators:

You should always encourage your readers and they must find something different at your blog.So always encourage your readers to give feedback by useful comments as much as they can,for this you can reward them with some giveaway or you can simply add top commentators widget and display your top commentators. It will encourage other to post comments and will bring an environment of competition and alternatively you will got endless benefits…..

5- Build Relationship with your replies:

Try to build strong social relationship with your readers by your replies.by

  • Leave a reply with some unique words.
  • Encourage them to visit again and give them some useful and unique tips.
  • Visit their blog and give quality blog comments there,but should be natural and avoid  spam comments.
  • Try to solve their problems(if any) by inviting them to contact you through email,for this you can have contact me form.

6-Use comment Luv plugin:

The major reason of blog commenting is to increase the backlinks,have some increase in Google Page rank and good relationship with other niche blogs.

I have noticed the blogs with more blog comments rate that have installed the Comment Luv Plugin.

Why..? because it will give a chance for the commentators to display their latest blog post along with the comments. So  people will encourage to leave comments on your blog.

Now it is your turn to have some comments or if you know some other ways to increase blog comments then do share for me and  for others.

3 thoughts on “6 Killer Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments”

  1. Hello,

    Well i think if we have unique content on our blog and as we start commenting on other blogs the comments on our blogs also increase.


    • yes of course,unique content should be the prime objective of any blogger,and when we talk about commenting on other niche blogs then comments should be natural and to the point,it will increase your own blog comments rate as well as traffic,backlinks as Google PR too.


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