Touchy Feely Beauty with HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU Sleekbook

When referring to laptops, the brand that instantly catches attention is HP. Hewlett-Packard has been in this business for a long time. HP laptops are widespread among students and professionals because of their features. This name is synonymous with a highly successful line of products like printers, desktops, laptops, scanners, and digital cameras etc.

These products can be used either for work or pleasure.

What is special in HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU Sleekbook:

The HP Pavilion series is a part of HP’s Personal Systems Group or PSG. In the HP laptop family, there is a laptop, which has been successful, in merging the divide between utility and price. In this age of touch technology, where touch phones are the order of the day, the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU, is a revolution in the world of laptops.

hp pavilion touchsmart laptopLet fingers do the work:

HP seamlessly compiles the benefits of touch and sleek looks. Not only does this laptop look good, but it also feels good. HP laptops are always known for their innovation, and here too, there is not a speck of doubt in the design and adaptability that a touchscreen can offer. The world is literally and figuratively at your fingertips now thanks to the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU. The name sleekbook itself defines its sculpted features. Whether it is sharing your world on the social media circuit or uploading photographs, you can trust the touchscreen experience from HP to make it feel smooth. Even starting a Skype chat with friends or family is only a matter of a few taps.

A thing of beauty:

If you are worried about the operating system, you can rest assured as the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU runs on Windows 8 and other operating systems. With the new touchscreen experience, you can do much more than use keyboards and mouse. With a simple tap or click, you can have fun unlimited on the 14-inch diagonal HD display. You can also use multi-touch gestures. Trust HP laptops to always come up with something like this. No other laptop justifies the saying ‘if looks could kill’ than this sleekbook. It is not only sleek in design but also sleek and handy, when it comes to carrying this piece of beauty. The elegant sparkling black color is always a show stealer.

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Talk to the face:

When it comes to HP laptops, there is one more thing you can rely on, and that is performance. HP has always been synonymous with performance. This smart sleekbook is equipped with all the ports that can help you to connect to displays and other devices. You know that you can be confident about it. When you know that speaking your mind is the only option, you can trust only the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU. This allows you to interact with the person on the other end, even in low light. The HP TrueVision HD Webcam lets you do all the talking while making you look fetching.

Don’t stop the music:

If you are a music freak or a music and photo hoarder, you would especially like the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14-B171TU. This laptop comes with Dolby Advanced Audio and up to 1TB storage place. So now you can not only enjoy your music the loudest but also store it to play it on the loop. But, it’s not only music; you can also store all your favorite photos and videos too. If you are still not convinced, you can take heart from the fact that HP’s continuous strive towards excellence has led to the invention of their CoolSense technology, which enables the laptop to adjust the temperature according to the usage and the conditions therein.

Protecting and assisting:

This product from the line of HP laptops also has the unique ProtectSmart facility, which protects the laptop from any accidental bumps or drops. Your data stay safe, and you can relax. When all of us are leading digital lives, it is mandatory that our laptops come with such facilities so that it can sense motion and plan ahead. When it comes to the name HP, you can always rely on their Support Assistant, to assist in case of any problem. HP also provides a 90-day period of pre-installed software assistance to help you experience the laptop in a better way. With such alluring features, it is criminal to even think about any other laptop.

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