Will google hummingbird search algorithm affect your seo ?

Google introduced a new search algorithm named “Hummingbird” last month. The new Google Hummingbird search Algorithm will make the search more relevant and precise than Google Panda & Penguin.

At the 15 anniversary, Google claimed that the new search algorithm will provide more relevant knowledge to searchers – meaning the update has enabled Google to better understand the content it indexes than ever before. This will produce ease both for the content writers and for the publishers.

Before proceeding let’s see what is special in the Google Hummingbird search algorithm…?

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What is Special in Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm:

The thing is why Google has launched this search algorithm or what special thing the Hummingbird has brought for the websites and blogs…? The answer may be in

  •  Google wants to make searches more relevant and precise without wasting any time in searches.
  • Since most of the searches are now shifted towards mobile, so this will also make it mobile and smartphone friendly.
  • More focused on each word or query behind search rather than focusing on the search sentences.

The things will be changed, just imagine a couple of years ago when one type to search something and may find many blue links and might be most of them were irrelevant and annoying, But after the hummingbird search algorithm your searches more” precise and relevant” so that users may find their search product in less time. The results will also be location-oriented, just to make the search better.

Will the Google hummingbird search algorithm affect your SEO?

Will the search results may be affected by the new algorithm…? the answer is yes because 90 percent of the search results will be affected due to this new Hummingbird…but in a positive sense, so the searches will be more accurate. Now the Google boats will first analyze the user keywords or search sentence word by word and then try to show more relevant results. So it will necessary for the writers to produce original and unique content. So that they may not affect the new algo in the worse way

Actually, a hummingbird will not affect your SEO if you have not produced any duplicate content or spam links. if you find any decrease in organic traffic or in Page rank then it may be due to the previous Google algorithm updates.

The things will be continued in the same way till

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