How search engines evaluate the worth of your backlinks?

Link building or getting backlinks is an exercise which every social media enthusiast and search engine optimizer do, in order to allow the maximum exposure of the website over several online frontiers.

Not only does the practice of effective link building affects the search engine rankings of the web page, it is also crucial in driving more traffic to the website, and hence ensuring optimum search engines evaluate worth of backlinks

However, the very practice of link building has been plagues with a number of search engine algorithms and its very many changes. If you have been disturbed lately, trying to decipher how exactly does search engines administer the worth and quality of backlinks to your website, we come bearing good news for you.

Factors search engines consider while evaluating the worth of backlinks: 

Below are 10 different points that contributes towards adding to the gravity and strength of the backlinks. Read ahead to discover these factors and hence forth ensure you don’t waste your efforts in getting the backlinks from the sites that are not worth it.

  1. The page rank of the page containing the link Page rank is the Sun in the world of SEO – especially in the world of search engine algorithms. Regardless of any change in the algorithm, the search engines always consider the quality of the back link depending on the page rank of the web page it has been posted on. Thus, by default and try and get the links from high ranking pages with help of diligent and well constructed content.
  2. The authority of the domain – A domain such as that of Moz, with a high domain authority, is a nice way to upscale the quality of the link. The domain authority, especially the one taking place between the toolbar and the PR updates, contributes significantly towards the page rank.
  3. Links from trustworthy sites – If you can manage to get the link form a news site or an .edu sites, then it is going to factor rather nicely in the quality of link. By the rule of the thumb, such sites are highly trusted and hence carry more prominence.
  4. Links that are contextual We are sure that you know better than to doubt the role of content in the field of SEO and link building, especially when we share with you another snippet of link quality – the links structure around a piece of content ranks much higher than the ones tucked away in the footer or the side bar area.
  5. Referring domains – And an extension to the above mentioned point is the referring domain. The link is going to account for a lot more, if it is published at a site that has a lot more referring domains.
  6. Limited outbound links – If your link happens to exist over a given page that already has a herd of outbound links, it will mostly be insignificant in shooting up the page rank and traffic of your website. Increased outbound links dilutes the quality of the page rank.
  7. Posting links on sites relevant to your niche It might be a new emerging trend, but it surely is an important one. The relevancy of the domain containing your link, to your business factors in its quality, and also prompts Google to upscale the rank of such pages.
  8. No follow or do follow A lot of popular blogs offer a no follow link without much hassle – do not be prompted to settle down for the same as no follow links are totally insignificant to your link building campaign, as such links are not considered by search engines at all. Always, and may we reiterate – ALWAYS ask for a Do follow link, and do not settle down for anything less than that.
  9. Anchor texts and the keywords Although this factor has not remained as important as it once was, but you may still want to ensure that the linking anchor text contains the targeted keyword, as this will eventually helps in building the strength and relevance of the link.
  10.  Co-citations do matter – Google gives due importance to the link if the targeted keyword appears somewhere near to it in the content. Hence, try to factor this paradigm while developing the content and linking it to your website.

This is all that we had for you today. We sincerely hope that you found the information shared here meaningful and that from now on, your link building campaigns would yield much improved results.

Author Bio:Mike Swan is a specialist Web Designer at Markupcloud Ltd. He possess a huge experience in technology domain and loves all things comes under web Design niche. He is trying to spread his intangible knowledge to maximum people he can, in order to make a parallel platform.

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