[Infographic] Smartphone Statistics 2013

[Infographic] Smartphone Statistics 2013

 [Infographic] Smartphone Statistics 2013

Smartphones,no doubt are  playing vital role in bringing ease in our life. Not only adults but young also showed big interest for having the smartphone and their demand is increasing by the time. There is also a big competition among the famous brands for having latest features and specifications.Whether it is about NFC enabled Smartphones,or having automatic transmission for your bicycle, smartphones are every where.

Below is the infographic of the smartphone statistics showing its development,share and possession among different age groups.

smartphone statistics 2013

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  1. Nice information in very creative way, I like designs too and yes now Smartphone is became a best friend of everybody. Main combat is between Apple and Android becauseI think these are the two most using OS phones in 2013.

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