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Moving Forward With Your SEO Plans amidst the Google Hummingbird

Google will continue to be the SEO boss for as long as it is the search engine leader and it has once again changed how everyone optimize their website with their latest search algorithm. After the Google Panda and Penguin update, Google Hummingbird was released a little over two months ago. Although the effect of this new algorithm has not been felt yet by a lot of websites, the Google Hummingbird has sent many SEO specialists agog over the direction that their SEO strategies will have to take.

Whether the SEO practice will change with this Google Hummingbird update:

Whether you practice SEO in the Philippines, in Australia, in the United States, or just about anywhere in the world, the way you do SEO will have to change with this algorithm. Many consider the Hummingbird as the biggest change in Google’s search algorithm even if the effect is not as drastically felt as earlier updates. The reason for this is because this algorithm changes how Google looks at the content on each hummingbird seo Back links, web design, and other aspects of a website are not the ones targeted with this update; the Google Hummingbird focuses on content.

Removing the emphasis and focus from keywords:

For the longest time, SEO specialists, web content writers, copywriters, and article writers know that keywords and phrases play a huge role in providing high quality SEO articles. However, the Google Hummingbird discards this notion and puts heavy weight on the context of search queries rather than on the keywords. Hence, websites can now relax on the use of targeted keywords in their content; in fact, heavy use of keywords could even have your site flagged as spam.

More customized search results:

The Google Hummingbird also looks not just at the search query itself but also on the user doing the search. This is done based on the previous searches made by the user and other details available if the user is logged in to their Google account. Information such as location and Google Plus contacts are factored in when delivering the search results. Hence, an exactly similar search query done on another device using a different account will produce a different set of search results.

No change for those who observe good SEO practices:

This new algorithm focuses on good quality, relevant content which has long been the ideal SEO practice. What the Google Hummingbird simply does is implementing this ideal. If you have been observing good SEO practices, then there is no need to change your SEO strategies.

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