Download VillainROM 1.0, First Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S II

Download VillainROM 1.0, First Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S II

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the current Android smartphone king, and the detailed hands on Samsung Galaxy S II review substantiates that. So as jail breaking is to iOS, rooting is to Android.

Presenting VillainROM 1.0, based on XWKE2, the first custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II.

The developer, pulser_g2, has published a clear-cut disclaimer:

/** You were the one who flashed this ROM. That means if you mess it up, you can only blame yourself. This ROM is tested and working on another device, but yours might be special. It might not like you, or it might want to kill your cat. So keep your cat away from your phone when testing, and be sure you know what to do in the event of problems.

Yes, the possibility exists that you can damage your device if the custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II is not flashed properly. You alone will be responsible for it, not the developer and neither will the web owner.

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How to Download Villain ROM in Samsung Galaxy S II:

So how to flash VillainROM 1.0 on Samsung Galaxy S II? Well it’s rather simple. You shall use ODIN to flash custom ROM on SGS II. Be sure to check only PDA and nothing else. Repeat: just check PDA and nothing else. The ROM will be flashed as a PDA image. Before installation, VillainROM 1.0.tar.md5 file will automatically be verified so as to minimize the risk of problems arising from corrupt downloads. MD5 is embedded below, just in case you want to be sure.

885d3d4133850494c016bc86f4d5cf31  VillainROM-SGS2-v1.0.tar.md5

The developer has warned against using Villain Tweaks with this ROM as of now. Doing so may cause damage to your Samsung Galaxy S II. A different version is said to be under development.

source:Slashgear and sizlopedia

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