Top 20 Free ways to increase blog traffic

Creating SEO friendly blog and then try to increase blog traffic is the prior objective of every blogger. So many ways are being used for this but as we know by the passage of time and especially after the Google search algorithm, there is more need to know the ways to increase blog traffic. So that the blog may not be penalized and can also rank well in Google Search Results.

The topic of today is consisting of a list of such ways, although some of them are traditional, but Cary equal importance. Also, some of them are not increase blog trafficused just like link exchange, which means someone put your link on his site and you put his site link on your site….such thing may get negative results on the search rankings and may be considered as black hat SEO, so try to avoid these ones.

I will no more take a distance between you and the list, so here are the ways to increase blog traffic, have a look at them.

Top 20 free ways to increase blog traffic:

  1. Use professionally designed themes to attract visitors.
  2. writing SEO optimized content using long-tail keywords.
  3. Keeping the content update with a regular frequency and try to publish it at different hours and days.
  4. writing content by keeping in view the audience or the visitors not only for the bots and spiders.
  5. Try to add content related images, videos, infographics, and socialize it especially on Facebook and Pinterest.
  6. Submit your blog to famous search engines and update your XML site map whenever post new content or update the blog.
  7. Socialize the blog content on social media sites, like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc, and participate in the groups.
  8. Participate in the discussion in Top SEO forums and try to involve as much as possible.
  9. Submit blog and blog content to famous blog directories like Technorati.
  10. Guest Posting at high PR niche related websites as much as you can.
  11. Try to interview famous bloggers and publish them on your blog.
  12. Submit articles to famous and top directories.
  13. Use the power of blog commenting and try to comment on niche related and do-follow blogs, especially with comment Luv blogs.
  14. Take advantage of Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics and focus on the traffic variations and keywords rankings.
  15. Rewrite old blog posts and make them SEO friendly.
  16. Participate in the Question Answers sites like yahoo answers,, StackExchange, etc, and try to answer.
  17. Enable RSS subscription form and make it prominent on your blog.
  18. Conduct competition and Giveaways to attract more and more visitors.
  19. Create an e-book and let the visitors take its advantage for free.
  20. uncover the links of your fellow and competent blogger and try free services like open site explorer.

I know there are more to say about traffic and many ways to increase blog traffic can be found, so it is up to you now and shares your thought with other readers as much as you can.

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