How to Build Relationship with Other Bloggers

To Build relationship should be the prime objective of every starter and pro blogger,Not only for the survival of him but also for the blog he want to be in the blogging world.

Although some bloggers may be think different over the idea given,for this they only consider to have highly optimized blog content,some good organic traffic and may a little social media engagement.But these are not all to build relationship with other bloggers,because these steps can promote your blog content and may be not you.

So there are a lot of other things to consider and implement equally,these are the everlasting and strong steps and will help equally to get in strong blog relationship.

Where To Find Bloggers to Have Strong Relationship:

In order to have built relationship with other bloggers,first you have to find out the source of bloggers to connect.

  • Google Blog Search: The most reasonable method to find the niche related bloggers is the Google Search,all have you do is the write the topic of your niche blog and hit search,for example if i want tbuild relatioship bloggerso search about social media then for precise  and relevant search write “social media” and hit enter,all keyword related blogs and websites be there.
  • Technorati and other Blog Directory: Technorati is the famous bloggers community,find the top x related blogs,where x is the niche topic,for example “top social media related blogs” and the list of top bloggers is there. Similarly you can use the similar method in other blog directories.
  • Google Alert: This method can also work while you are away from your computer,just create Google alert for the keywords you want,for example if you want to know when the social media related topics or niche blogs update their blogs,then create an alert and get alert straight to your email address. You can create more than one alert for that.
  • Alexa Rank: Alexa the famous community to check traffic stats,can also help you in this regard.It will analyze and show your most ranked keyword,by clicking each one you can check its status and rank among other bloggers using the similar keyword.
  • Inbound Links: By taking into account Google and Bing Webmaster tools,you can find the websites and blogs linking to you and hence can find the niche related one to build relationship.

How to Build Relationship with Other Bloggers:

After finding the sources to have niche related bloggers,next and most important is to build relationship with these bloggers.

I have compiled the list below.

  • Ready to Help: Whenever a blogger find your blog,either through organic or referral method,he expect something different and helpful content. So give him what he want by creating seo friendly content and do not fed up him. Have a contact form,subscribe to RSS option or even can organize live chat sport.
  • Give Some Free E Learning or Service: Your blog must have some e-book for the readers,so that they can implement your blogging experience,You can also offer some free service like blog setup and other,which will be useful both for the new and experienced bloggers.
  • Create Thank You Page: I know the significance of thank you page (although i am planning to have it),because the one that have put some query or even have some blog comment when automatically redirect to thank you page will feel himself some unique visitor,admired by just have some minutes on your blog.
  • Encourage Blog Comments and visit other blogs: Blog comments is the most easiest and traditional way to communicate and even build relationship with other bloggers,so try to encourage the bloggers to comment on your blog,and make it passion to answer them and even satisfy them.You can also use Comment Luv WordPress plugin to show their latest articles. You must visit other niche related blogs and give some valuable comments. By this you will introduce yourself among other bloggers too,and similarly,you can visit other commentators blogs and have similar strategy for them.
  • Interview The Bloggers: You can find some famous niche related blogger,organize some 4 to 6 questions and have the interview of them at your blog. This will not only give you traffic but will also attract others to communicate you.
  • Offer Guest Posts: Guest Posts are the great source to have some valuable content. So decide some rules of your niche blog and welcome guest pots,so that more and more valuable and famous bloggers get a chance to have their content at your blog.

Last Words: I know there are more to say,many things  or points that i have missed,but i know you are here to help me as well as other bloggers. So give some time and have some valuable ideas to build relationship with other bloggers.

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