Instant Eyedropper-color picker tool for webmasters and Designers

Being a webmaster, we often need to know the color code of or specified color on the screen, for this, we may use the old method to take the screen shot of that area and then paste it in Photoshop or other software to identify the right color. This practice may involve a little time.

Although there is some online color picker Google Chrome and Firefox extensions to pick the right color, what should we do when we need the color in offline mode……In order to solve this issue, I have come up with a handy color picker tool that can work even in offline mode and can pick any color in HTML or in the hexadecimal format… whatever you want. The thing is simply because it is a windows system-based application, so very easy to install and use.

Instant eyedropper Features:

  • Support to all windows versions (XP,7,8)
  • works in offline mode
  • easy to use and can find the color of any page, background, picture, video, and even text.
  • help greatly to choose the text color for Google Adsense.

How to use Instant eyedropper color picker tool:

The following steps will help to use this offline color picker tool

1-Install instant eyedropper color picker tool from their official website.

2-Go to the system tray of your computer or laptop (mainly found on the down right side near the date)

instant eyedropper color picker tool

3-click on the arrow and move the mouse pointer on the instant eyedropper icon.

instant eyedropper web color picker settings

4-Click and hold the left mouse button on the icon and move the pointer to the screen.

5-You’ll see a little selector window as you move your mouse around the screen. Releasing the mouse button will copy that color to the clipboard.

color picker tool screen short

In this way, you can pick any color palette anywhere on the screen.

There are a lot of options available to choose between the multi formats and pixel sizes.

The bad thing about this software has no keyboard shortcuts, but however useful at all.

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So there will be no more trouble getting or memorizing the color anymore, grab them to speed up your design work with this great offline instant eyedropper color picker tool.

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