How to Stop Spam User Registration Using WordPress Plugin

Spam user registration is very common and a little bit irritating for the new bloggers especially for the multi-author blog, irritating in that sense because every day the bloggers receive many emails that have spam user names or emails.

Every day he wastes a lot of time to sort out this kind of email.spam user registration The same kind of problem was also faced by me, although I have used some anti-bot CAPTCHA the problem was there, after taking a little research I came across a WordPress plugin that has solved the problem of spam user registration up to 95% and now I am feeling comfortable.

WangGuard is a Free WordPress Plugin used to stop spam user registration. In today’s article, I’ll tell you how can we use this plugin effectively to stop splog.

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How WangGuard Stop Spam User Registration:

Unlike other spam user registration plugin, it works in a different way,  it checks the user name and its email address, matches it to a centralized Wang Guard database and if the user found to involve in any spamming activity than registration will not succeed and it automatically listed in spam users.

If you report the user as splogger then it will automatically be deleted and the report will be submitted to the wangGuard database so that next time this user would not be able to register again.

Features of the WangGuard WordPress Plugin:

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • Check old user registration and sort out the spologgers and verified users.
  • Block spam registration.
  • Block duplicate registration.
  • One-click spologgers deletion.
  • check email domains against DNS server.
  • Block signup of disposable Emails.
  • Block sign up from  Dynamic domains.
  • Rich graphical interface.
  • Vast variety to block any registration from a specific IP or domain.

How to Configure WangGuard WordPress Plugin:

After installing the plugin the main thing is its configuration. Like Akismet which is used to stop spam comments, it also has an API key that can easily be obtained from the Plugin website.

wangguard plugin configuration

In security Question tab, you can add a security question to prevent automated sign-ups. The main tab is of  WangGuard Settings, you can either change it according to your will or just keep settings default (recommended).

spam user registration plugin

Next is the Blocked Domain Tab, this tab has all the domains and emails that are commonly used. You can leave the option default except for two options:

  1. Disposable Emails: These are the temporary emails account, once sign up will automatically delete in one hour, so you can select all options and hit saved blocked domains.
  2. Dynamic Domains:  Spologgers or unwanted users take these kinds of domains to register at any site, so it is good to check and block all options to stop spam user registration.

In the WangGuard menu go to Users and then users page,

wangguard user registration

You have the option to sort out the unchecked user, verified users, and spologgers.

once you report the users as spologgers you have option to delete them permanently or keep them in your database.

The plugin is free to use but for limited spam users, for multiple spam user registration.

They may demand some price per month.

But however the plugin very useful to stop spam user registration.

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