Top Free SEO Tools For Website Optimization

Website Optimization is an important factor for improving search engine optimization of any website, it is also important for the survival of any website, it is just like to supply oxygen for website living…Most of the webmasters just ignore it or take it secondary while others take it seriously up to some extent…

Website optimization will not only improve search engine rankings but will also make your website user-friendly and popular among your readers and force them to stay and visit your website free seo tools website optimization

When we go through some lines in Google Search, there are several paid and free SEO tools available, but we will discuss here such tools that are free and are important for website optimization.

Before proceeding, Let’s see first why website optimization is important….?

Importance of Website Optimization:

Just think that you have a very good web hosting company, best eye-catching theme, and well-written content, but still, you have few organic visitors. It means there must be need of website optimization, Beyond Google Panda and Penguin updates and hummingbird, there must be some factors that your blog needs so that it may get handsome visitors and alternatively your SERP’s may increase.

What will you get from these free SEO tools

  • Loading time (in different Browsers and at different connection speeds) and hints to reduce blog loading time.
  • Header info including meta tags, server response time, and other info regarding header.
  • Internal and external links.
  • W3C CSS validation
  • Google Rich Snippet tool.
  • image SEO tool
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Google Page Rank
  • Duplicate content issue
  • Similar sites to improve keyword rankings
  • Traffic Ranks
  • Google Page authority and Domain authority.
  • Moz Rank

Top Free SEO Tools For Website Optimization:

Here are the top 10 free SEO tools that are necessary for website optimization.

1URL Valet:

This is the most informative and SEO friendly online tool in which you have the option to know everything about your header file as well as your competitors. By visiting this you can

url valet web optimizer

  • check your header file to see all meta tags as well as other info present in the header.
  • Check the loading time of your website or blog at different speeds and for different browsers, so that you can compare the performance and hence improve its loading time by targeting to specific audience or country.
  • validate the CSS and HTML code errors present in the theme or due to any plugin, and also ways to mitigate the issues.
  • check all your internal and external links for free (in some of the online tools this feature is paid), also the link status i.e whether the link is live or not, hence will give a chance for website optimization.
  • Google Rich Snippet.


This is one of the simple websites with full of free online SEO tools, after having a look, you will be able to know about:

moonsy Online website optimizer

  • Traffic Ranks in different directories including Alexa, Dmoz, Compete, Yahoo. So you can decide in which directory your blog is listed or not.
  • To Check the Page Rank and Domain Rank, which is an important factor of Moz online tools, you can also compare with your competitors, and see the difference.
  • Can check your keyword position in the search rankings.
  • I can know about the expires domains.

3Image SEO Tool:

With this simple online tool, put your image URL and see whether it has alt attributes, dimensions, name, and alerts given to know all about the image.

4- Copyscape:

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker tool. Simply enter the URL of your content (post link) and check whether it has been copied by another webmaster, so it will detect the duplicate content. You can also check the content to verify its originality.

So these are some of the free SEO tools for website optimization, I know there are more to say. But hope so this info will help greatly to increase your search engine visibility and hence website optimization.

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