Top 10 Tips to Secure WordPress Blog from Hackers

You have developed a very good and SEO friendly content, getting handsome traffic, have a multiple social media sharing…But still you are forgetting one thing and it is to secure wordpress blog.

So why your WordPress blog security is essential…? If you know the answer then it is good if not then need not to worry and you have to keep on reading just to understand why you should secure WordPress blog and which tips will help you to do that.

Here are the top 10 tips to secure WordPress blog, but before proceeding let’s see first why we are taking WordPress blog security too much serious…?

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Why Secure WordPress Blog?

So why should we so panic about our blog security? It is necessary to secure your blog especially if you are a new in blogging or have not enough knowledge about WordPress, then you are insecure and some hacker may not only damage your content but also your blog on the permanent basis. Let’s say some more words that nowadays unauthorized login attempts, stealing your content, putting some hidden file in your database, sending a lot of spam comments and registering spam user registrations. It is hard to overcome these issues, even a professional blogger will also do handsome steps to Secure WordPress blog . So consider the top 10 tips just a checklist, just ensure whether your blog is fully secured or not…?

Top 10 Tips to secure WordPress Blog:

top 10 tips to secure wordpress blog

1-Choose Secure Web Hosting:

While choosing a web hosting company it is not necessary to just think about the price or some bandwidth, but there are other factors too like its fame, rankings, security, authentication etc. So that the company should secure your blog from all aspect, especially from hackers, any virus or any other unethical access. Also it should be responsive in case of any issue faced by you.

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2-Choose Strong login Credentials:

While accessing your Dashboard the main thing is your login page and its login details. Just ensure that you are not using “admin” as login name and any common password that is easy to guess.

Always use strong password mix up alphanumeric and special characters, so that your login page may be safe from unethical access.

You can also do the following things:

  • Can hide your login area
  • Can fix the computer from where you can only access your login
  • Can fix it to some special IP address
  • Can hide the error message displayed while entering the wrong Password.

3-Limit Login Attempts:

For example, someone has got your login name and then he tries again and again to put any relevant or famous password, but you can limit his login attempt and after that certain attempts he will be blocked to log on that page. Even you can block him automatically for a specific period of time or may be permanent. You can use limit login attempts plugin to do so. This will secure your blog from Brute Force attack (which is common in these days).

4-Keep Your WordPress Plugins and other related things up to date:

Whenever you see any notification to update WordPress version then don’t hesitate to do so, just update it to the latest WordPress version. Also, keep any eye on your WordPress plugin and its compatibility, just keep them up to date and also delete any unused plugin or that which was not updating from a long period of time. Also while installing WordPress plugin just check its popularity and the latest version (should be compatible with the latest WordPress version).

5-Avoid Free WordPress Themes:

Most of the bloggers at their first stage used free WordPress themes; you can use but should be popular not modified and be developed by some trusted companies like WordPress. Also try to avoid child themes, because the owner may leave some loopholes and that may welcome the hackers to peep into the security of your WordPress blog, instead of this give some investment and go live some famously paid themes.

6-Keep a Regular Database Backup:

Although famous web hosting companies keep a database on regular basis, but in order to secure WordPress blog you have to do this on your side, because:

  • Some Plugins may not compatible with other one and some cases it may become difficult to deactivate or delete them.
  • Hosting Server may crash; in that case, you may lose your data.
  • There may be some unexpected error in your database and you have to recover it.

7– Clean Your Site just as to clean your kitchen:

Make it a habit to keep any eye on your Data, for this as mentioned above just Clean it from unused Plugins, Revised and Drafts Posts, Spam Comments, and Deleted users, because this information may not necessarily for you, but can give a path to the hacker.

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8– Control Your Sensitive Information:

There are some hidden files that have no direct role for administrator or user but can be helpful for hacker, and these are including .htaccess file, phpinfo.php,wp-config and other, so you should change their path and names. Also try to hide your current version of wordpress because that may also harmful for your wordpress blog security.

Also your host should also consider these things and if find any issue then inform you asap.

9-Know your File Permission:

It did often that hackers gain access your files, because you have set their permission by default or don’t know how to set permission. Unlike how you install wordpress, it is necessary to keep your file permission secure and let not enter anyone to steal see inside folders and files.

10– Use Security Plugins:

Last but not the least is the use of security plugins. There are lot of wordpress security plugins available (both free and paid), the one that I am using is iTheme wordpress Plugin, it has all those things that are explained above, simply it is the solution of all our security issues.

So above are the major tips to secure WordPress blog from hackers and unethical access, do comment if you know any other.

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    To secure WordPress blog, anyone must aware about WordPress Update, Theme Update and Plugins Update. Loging Lock Down Plugins also helps to keep secure WordPress Blog.


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