How to Make Your RSS Feeds Helpful For Your SEO Strategy

RSS feeds are the best communication medium to the blog readers and it gives significant traffic around the internet. This RSS feeds should have a broad unique theme with eye-catchy titles and content. Optimizing your website according to the RSS feeds structure and well maintaining on them will make your website or blog more exposure to a large number of people.

How to Make Your RSS Feeds Helpful For Your SEO Strategy:

The following SEO strategies will be helpful to make RSS Feeds more effective.

Channel Title:

Channel title is a more precious part of RSS feed, make rss feeds helpful for seo strategyso it should be in the format of keyword rich and contain some general theme about RSS feed. The channel title shouldn’t have any HTML and it needs to look so natural. Your title is the first entry point to your blog, so it could be attractive to the casual browsers. Most RSS feed directories use the information contains in the title and description of the feed. Also, you need to categorize your blog in the right niche.

Channel description:

Your description should contain related keywords and phrases of your niche because it is the place where you can expand your blog in the broad theme. Your description should be written for people and not for search engine spiders.

Title of RSS Feed Item:

Your titles must be in the range of 50-75 characters with spaces. The title should not contain any HTML, to increase the compatibility and readability to newsreaders. It is nothing more than looks like a headline of the feed. Most effective titles will get more exposure to their readers.

RSS optimization:

Optimize all your web feed for search engines. The content in the feeds will grab your reader’s attention and makes them clickable or get out of your site. Grammar and punctuation are one of the key factors in RSS feed.

The number of Feed Items:

Routinely check your RSS feed content that can load very quickly and archive the old contents from your feed. If you are using third-party feeds then don’t forget that most of the feeds won’t display fully or taking too large time to respond.

URL of your RSS feed:

Your URL should contain a keyword that denotes your post and use hyphens to separate keywords instead of using underscore.

Image Adding:

Try to add an image in your RSS feed to enhance more visibility and appearance to your newsreader. The image must be in 144 x 400 large. Most of the RSS readers display the feed image above the content, so its a great way to get more exposure to your brand visibility.

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