Detailed insight on 4 free WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategies

Over all these years, WordPress has been competent in gaining an edge over other content management systems(CMSs). With the growing popularity of WordPress CMS, there has been an incredible increase in the demand for plugins and extensions that can be of use to the WordPress community. If you too have developed a brand new WordPress plugin, its time to choose the right plugin promotional strategy that will aid you in growing the reach of your plugin. This blog makes you familiar with some brilliant free WordPress plugin promotional methods that won’t let you go wrong in any manner. So, let’s get to know more about these WordPress plugin promotional strategies.

wordpress plugin promotional strategies

WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategy No.1-Get your plugin added to the father of all WP Plugin directories i.e.

wordpress plugin promotional strategy

WordPress maintains its official plugin directory with over 30,000 plugins currently on-board. One of the major upsides of this plugin directory is that only free plugins get accepted here. So, you can choose to submit your new plugin here. Prior to proceeding ahead with the plugin submission, make sure to follow all the submission rules and guidelines. Once you’ve got your plugin accepted and uploaded on, the same can then be directly installed by WordPress bloggers residing in different parts of the world. Some key points that need to be remembered while submitting plugins to include:

  •  Write an eye-catchy description of your plugin for the readme.txt
  • Use a related list of tags in the readme.txt.
  • Don’t forget to add screenshots and a header image
  • Do ask your existing users to offer you a rating after they have used your plugin.

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WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategy No.2Choose the ‘Social media’ way

Today, social media such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter have been incredibly effective in promoting the products and services offered by a business organization. You can leverage this outstanding potential of social networking websites for promoting your newly developed WordPress plugin. Twitter serves you with a more informal way of making contacts with people. You can use this feature for reaching out to WordPress users who’re in search of a plugin that’s similar to the one developed by you. Prior to choosing social media for talking about your WordPress plugin, don’t forget to check out blogs that render tips and tricks on using social media for promoting a WP Plugin.

WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategy No.3-Reach out to WordPress Blogs and News Sites

Although this is a bit painstaking promotional strategy but you can definitely gain out of it. Get in touch with reputed WordPress blogs and ask writers to pen down details about your plugin. Opt for posting content related to your plugin on popular WordPress websites such as: WP Beginner, WPMU Dev Blog, WP Tavern and many more. These site will aid your plugin in becoming the “next big thing” in the WordPress world.

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WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategy No.4-Participate in Forums and Groups

There’s no denying of the fact that this promotional strategy is time-consuming. Yet, if you do it appropriately, results will definitely pour in instantly.You can always choose to spare time to access and participate in free online forums related to WordPress design and development. Here, you can find a platform for speaking about your plugin. By being an active participant at these forums, you can easily earn the trust of WordPress users residing in different corners of the globe. Some of the top seo forums available over the web include: Sitepoint, Warrior Forum and WordPress Support Forums.

Summing Up

WordPress plugin development involves a great deal of hard work and dedication. If you too have recently come up with a plugin that solves common WordPress issues, then leave no stone un turned in promoting it to the fullest. I hope the aforementioned techniques would help you with your plugin promotional activities and let you receive numerous appreciations.

Have you used any of these strategies before? If yes, do share your experiences in the comments box. Also, don’t forget to enter your views/opinions on the above post.

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