How to Customize your Facebook Updates

Facebook has brought a leading impact on its users through its vast features. This Social Media has summed up many new things especially for the bloggers and affiliate marketers. Today I am going to share the trick that will not only make your blog post seo friendly but will also help to increase its popularity among other users.

This trick is simply related with the status update on Facebook Page,Facebook Timeline or on the Wall.

May be some of the mature bloggers get the point that I am talking or may have gone through this trick earlier, but I am pretty sure many of pro bloggers have no idea about it, so let’s reveal this trick of “how to customize Facebook updates“.

customize your facebook updates

How to Customize Facebook Updates:

When ever we want to share one of our blog post link for our followers and other Facebook Friends or readers then we simply put it at the place of Status, the Facebook automatically fetch the Post title,its description and the image related to it through your feed.

customize facebook updates

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In some of the cases the Post title, Description or image may not as appear as we want…..So what next …? at that point many of them just put it as it is and hit the Publish button,but stop…..Now there is more to say that can make your Link more attractive by changing its Post Title, Description or even the Picture. So follow the steps given below:

customize facebook posts

  • Insert your desired link at the status update and wait for the things to appear.
  • You will see four places where you can make change, just drag your mouse pointer at the title and click there (it will get yellow)
  • Change the title as you want (make sure to look like it search engine friendly and attractive)
  • Again in order to change the description click on the description and change it according to your desire (try to make it comprehensive and user-friendly)
  • Next to change the image there is a little arrow placed, you can click it and reached to your desired image.
  • If you could not get the image (or you have only one image) then there is another option to upload the image.
  • Now its time ti hit publish and fetch the Facebook traffic for the your link.

In this way you can easily customize  Facebook updates.

Hope so you will get something informative from today’s blog Post. Do comment with your feedback.

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