4 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress Blog

4 best related posts plugins for WordPress blog are especially for those bloggers who are getting fewer page views or whose readers are just leaving the current page without clicking any other page, blog post or category. If you are facing such problem then you are not the alone because there are many bloggers who want to increase page views, impressions. These WordPress Plugins will help to reduce bounce rate and also to increase user interaction with your blog.

Although It is a good practice to interlinks your other blog posts within the content body, but as a blogger most of us know that this method is not enough to increase page views, so we should adopt some other methods to induce readers to stay at the blog and go for other blog post and related content.

4 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress Blog:

4 best related posts plugin for wordpress blogAlthough many of us are using these related post plugins below the post or as a sidebar widget, but still I have compiled up some of the Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins, that will not only give an option to show related posts as Thumbnail but also as contextual. I have listed these plugins by their Download time and Average ratings and all are free to download also compatible with the latest WordPress version.

1.Yet Another Related Posts Plugins: (YARPP)

yet another related posts plugin

This is the most powerful and popular related posts plugin of today, with more than 3 Million Downloads and average 5-star ratings of 3.8. It has come up with the features to display related posts anywhere (below and above post, between post content on pages and also as the sidebar), show related posts as thumbnails and contextual with variations in size and number of posts. It also supports RSS feed type related posts. We can also add post excerpt along with the thumbnail to increase its user interaction. The user can generate revenue by showing third-party WordPress related posts.

2.nrelate Related Content:

nrelate related content related posts plugins

nrelated Related Content is another favorite and popular related posts WordPress plugin with.T his plugin uses advanced technology to analyze your complete website and its content and find out the most suitable and related post.

The thing that makes it different with other WordPress plugins is its 8 different styles to display related posts as thumbnails and also a custom CSS style to make the display of your own style. They also give publishers a chance to generate revenue by adding other blogger’s related posts along with yours.

3.WordPress Related Posts:

wordpress related posts plugin

This is the third one most downloaded and top rated best related posts WordPress plugin. This is one of the advance plugin gifted by Zemanta, along with other features of related posts plugins they have added one unique feature which you will never find in any other plugin. it has the ability to track the click-through rates generate via the link displayed at the end of blog post. The user have an option to change thumbnail size, style, number of posts, related posts display position and manual insertion.

4. Contextual Related Posts:

contextual related post wordpress plugin

By the name, it will display the related WordPress blog posts as text, either before, after, within the content or as the sidebar widget. which allows you to display related posts with thumbnail. You have lots of option to  the design, text, size of the image, number of related posts and overall appearance. The best part of using this plugin is that, it caches the list of links it generate considering your every post.  But many of the bloggers and website owners stopped using it and consider the YARPP and nrelate Related posts plugins instead.

Hope so you will get something new and will increase your page views by using these related posts plugins.

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