Top 10 Tips to Speed up your Computer

Did you ever think that your computer is performing slowly and want to speed up your computer or have some multi-program open but the computer is not responding well and you have to wait for the end task for a long time and often….then you are not the alone there might be other computer users facing the same issues daily.

Today I have summed up them in the top 10 tips and hope so will help to speed up your computer.

Top 10 Tips to Speed up Your Computer:

10 tips to speed up computer

1-Remove unnecessary Programs:

When you purchased a new computer or install new windows then some unnecessary programs may install that not only occupy your disk space but will also slow down the processes. There may some other reason for these unnecessary programs and these are due to internet surfing or by downloading some program from the internet, In that case, it is very easy to get rid of these computer programs just     Go to computer > Control Panel > Program and Features and select the program to uninstall. So this will add a little bit to speed up your computer.

2-Increase RAM:

RAM is the necessary hardware needs to boot and operate a computer appropriately. But what happened when you just poser on the computer and it takes too much time to show its desktop or run some heavy graphics program then you might feel that the computer is slowing down, work not properly or may become hung…..if so then don’t worry just check your RAM installed and try to replace it with more even 2 to 3 GB or more. More memory means less time-consuming access to your hard drive and better pc performance.

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3-Scan Your Computer with antivirus and Trojan Remover :

Virus and Trojans are small programs installed in the computer automatically either from the internet or some external flash drive (USB), in this case, these unnecessary hidden files will redirect your pc to do some unwanted work, make some extra load on your processor and affect the working of other opened programs. But don’t worry about cleaning your computer with some reliable antivirus and Trojan remover periodically and speed up your computer and keeps it healthy.

4-System Cleaning Software:

Whenever we browse something or use any installed program, then the computer automatically generates some files in the form of images and cookies, these small files will keep in the computer as long as they are there. As a result, used a lot of space and decreased computer speed too due to this unnecessary program. But by using some system cleanings software like c cleaner or others these unnecessary programs and cookies may be deleted. Just install one of the programs and run it once a day to speed up your computer.

5-Disable Startup Programs:

You might have noted to run some programs automatically when pc starts or the desktop appears. There may be some unwanted programs that need not run at all times, for example, we do not need to run adobe reader at every start or some other program…if so then there is a suitable solution for that just click on Start Menu > Run and type MSConfig wait for the windows and click ‘Startup’ tab, hunt down the entry for the unwanted program, unchecked it and ok to save it for the next start-up. You may disable or enable all options at once.

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6-Run Action Center’s Troubleshooter:

The action center is shown by a small flag at the system tray (near date and time), Action center checks for errors and its best solution online and offline. So try to solve the problems indicated by the flag and make your computer faster.

7-Install a Faster and bigger Hard Drive:

Just as RAM your computer may also need a bigger and faster Hard Drive. Suppose you have many programs to operate or want some more files to store also some expert says that if your hard disk is 85% filled then in that case you may need a bigger hard drive. If you have of 80GB hard drive just go for 120 GB or a bigger one. The good thing is to use SSD for application and file storage.

8-Re Install Windows:

If you have done all the major steps mentioned above to speed up your computer but could not find a solution then you might need to re-install windows and the operating system. But do remember to back up all your necessary data then install windows and all your favorite programs, although this might take some time you will get a better window with a smooth and fast operating system.

9-De fragment your hard drive:

Every program or even other file is allocated at different parts of the hard drive. So when you have deleted a file or uninstalled any program then these parts of the hard disk are not fully recovered and left many unused white spaces. So what happened is your computer has to check these spaces and resulting spend some extra time to move to other programs. There is one common and traditional way to increase pc performance by increasing its speed is the use of defragmentation. For this just  Go to Startup > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. Just repeat this after a few days recover your hard disk and increase pc speed.

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10-Keep Computer dust Free:

The best thing that you can do with your computer is to make it clean, dry, and dust-free, just as you take care of yourself think double to do for your computer. Have a regular dust vacuum and place it in a cool and dry place.

Hope so the above pc tips will help to speed up your computer, do comment if you have any queries or want to share some more.

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