How to handle unwanted Facebook Friend Requests

While roaming through the social media like Facebook, it is the chance the you may get a friend request from  unknown person or  from some unwanted person. In that case you have the option to not accept it and keep it pending, or click to confirm it….In the earlier case the person may get annoyed,especially if you have some social media relations with him. So how to handle such unwanted Facebook friend requests or the case when you can not reject a Friend request on Facebook….? Is there any other way that we accept the Facebook Friend Request and also did not allow him to participate fully in your Facebook activity.

Don’t worry….

You are at the right place to do so. Because in that case he will be your friend but will only see such posts that are share  PUBLIC ALLY and will not able to see such posts that you share with other friends.

handle unwanted friend requests on facebook

How to handle unwanted Facebook Friend Requests:

To put someone in your restricted list, just follow the steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to the Friend  Facebook Profile ( whom you want to restrict )
  3. Choose the “Add to New List” option from the Friends drop-down and select Restricted.

how to handle unwanted friend requests on facebook

That’s all now he will see your Public stuff in the news feed and not the special one shares by you among the friends.

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  1. Seriously, it’s very important tips for Facebook user because so many spammers are active on Facebook. Best idea to deal with them. Thanks for sharing!


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