Does Facebook usage impact Google SEO?

Can our Facebook activity really affect Google SEO? If we happen to like a web page it does not show up on our profile, that’s one important aspect of Google not having access to see we’ve Liked. It means Google is unable to tell when a certain authority has endorsed their opinion via a Like or not. What’s possible is that they can execute the “JavaScript” for the Like buttons on a specific page, but will not be able to tell who has “Liked” the page!For example a Like purchased from Alex looks just the same to Google as a Like from JC Penny on that post.

facebook usage impact on google seo

The bottom line is that Google can surely load the total number of “Likes” a page has been able to get, but it cannot evaluate the quality of those Likes, which makes the information ineffective.

A share means more commitment by the individual doing the sharing;however, public Facebook pages and profiles can be easily crawled by Google!It comes as no surprise that a major social media network was able to block Google from crawling its pages for more than a month which annoyed Google.

It was later stated by Google that their engineers were reluctant to use advanced systems for crawling those pages especially when the social network had previously restricted their access and there was possibility that they could do the same in future.

Keeping it simple this is a summary of the conclusions we can draw from the topic:

Firstly, Google does not use the” Like” data. They are unable to do it except for raw cumulative numbers where they can attach no value.If a Profile is on Public setting, Google is able to see who your friends are if it interests them. For that they’ll have to crawl the mobile version of ‘Facebook’ to do that.Google doesn’t index all shares that are on prominent profiles.

This goes true for mega-stars!

We can say Google’s way of indexing their posts is quite conflicting.From 85% posts 57% posts are indexed. If Google visits a site today it will then crawls and analyze the information of that site in a specific moment of time.

The average length for a website that ranks among the first 10 results with any “keyword” on Google needs to have at least 2,000 words as you go higher on the search listings page, the more content is found for each website.

Coming to the point Facebook does have some impact on Google SEO, but the key to “Search Engine Optimization” that impacts Facebook is to create such content that can be easily shareable.

It has been discussed in earlier articles that highly viral, or shared and popular content creates what is called “web buzz” and Google does pay heed to such content and thus ranks your website accordingly.

The bottom line here is to not to only focus on the content strategy or just the social strategy, but it’s about aligning content with the social media efforts.

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