How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache Plugin

Cache Plugins play a vital role to optimize the site loading time along with other factors.

For this Purpose, WP Super Cache plugin and W3 Total Cache Plugin are widely used by most of the bloggers and webmasters, because this will not only help to improve website performance but will also help to balance huge amount of traffic and alternatively will increase search engine rankings.

Although there are other Cache plugins used by bloggers but we will highly recommend one of the above because they are free and work equally like other WordPress cache plugins.
wordpress super cache plugin settings

Installation of WP Super Cache Plugin:

The step by step guide will explain to install and setup the wp super cache plugin.

1)-Search for the plugin in the wp plugin directory > download and install the wp super cache plugin. (you can also download Cache Plugin and upload to your dashboard)

2)-After installation goes to Settings > WP Super Cache > under Easy Tab turn cache on and hit update status button.

After turning on the cache hit the test cache button and see if it is working. The wp super cache will fetch the website twice and time for both will show, see if the time of both matched then the WordPress cache plugin will work fine.WP Cache plugin configuration

3)-Under Advanced Tab there is number of checkbox and radio button, first check the box that says Cache hits to this website for quick access, under this you will see three caching options, by default wp Super cache plugin, used PHP to serve cache file, although it is safe but not recommended for the shared hosting websites, so check use mod-rewrite to serve cache files.

Because this will also work in the same way as well as it will minimize your server resources.

Next under Miscellaneous option check the first option that says Compress Pages they’re served more quickly to visitors.

Scroll down and hit the update status button.

WP Super Cache plugin settingsWP Super Cache will now show you a notification that mod_rewrite rules must be updated, so update them and left other options as it is.

There is also an option of Expiry time and Garbage Collection left it as it is because in shared hosting you cannot refresh this option twice daily or hourly

(however if you have dedicated servers then you can select this option as well)

WP Super Cache expiry time and garbage collectionThere are other tabs of CDN, Contents, Preload, Plugins, and Debug. You can Optimize CDN option if you have a CDN facility,  otherwise left them unchanged, and move to Preload Tab.

Under Preload Tab check the first two options and hit update settings.

WP Super Cache settings preload

You have done.

Now your website will take fewer server resources and will load fast. You can check the difference of loading time by visiting or

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  1. Hi Rafaqat,
    WP Super Cache is one of most popular and great plugin that help to load WordPress site/blog faster. I personally use this plugin for all of my WP blog. But i miss some settings that i found here.

    Thanks for the awesome sharing.


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