How to Create Custom Facebook Chat Emoticons with Simple Methods

Facebook is becoming an emerging social media, along with its vast features of chat commenting, customize  Facebook updates, sharing links, pictures, changing profiles… there is also lot more interesting stuff to share and see.

In short, it is like a search engine at its own place.

So Let’s see how can we create custom Facebook Chat emoticons through this simple and powerful social media.

facebook chat emoticons

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Two Methods to Create Custom Facebook Chat Emoticons:

We all know the importance of Facebook chat emoticons (emotions symbols), these are very important to show emotions, status during the Facebook chat. Although there are a lot of other services to offer Facebook emoticons. But we have some unique methods to show chat emoticons.

Learn to create emoticons with simple Facebook Chat Codes. Make emoticons of any picture or profile ID with simple methods described below.

Method 1: Create Emoticons From Profile ID

There is a method to create chat emoticons through Profile ID of any Facebook user. Through this, we can create a custom picture of 16×16 size and can use it during the chat.

  • Just visit the Facebook user timeline, grab the person or page’s Facebook Profile ID. You can do this by putting the person/page’s username as :
    replace username with the desired Facebook user name
  • Grab the id and put it in double square bracket e.g  [[1138515766]]
  • Feel free to use it during Facebook Chat.

Method 2: Create Emoticons through any Image/Picture

The first method will only show some specific profile pictures having size 16×16, but you must think about any method of creating chat emoticons of any picture of the image….Yes, this is possible, just follow the steps:

  • Go to
  • Upload your picture/photo from your computer.
  • Proceed the steps
  • Grab the numeric code from the opened webpage and use it on your Facebook chat.

You can create a lot of custom chat emoticons with the methods described, just try at your end and comment on the experience.

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