gmail tips tricks and hacks you need to know

Best Gmail Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Google has launched its Gmail service over a decade ago. Due to its vast features and user-friendly interface, the number of users is increasing and its number has become over Billions. Since its launch, a lot of features are added, from its 2 step verification to create a filter while sending email…… I think most of its users only know to send an email along with some attachments, but rather than there are a lot of features that are secrets to them and they should need to know. So I have summed up best Gmail tips and tricks, even secrets and hacks.

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gmail tips tricks and hacks you need to know

Best Gmail Tips and Tricks You Need to Know:

Is someone also reading My Emails:

If you have got the suspicion that someone else is also reading your emails, then there is a way to find out that when emails are read by anyone, just check “your last account activity”

>in the inbox, just scroll down to the bottom and in the bottom right corner in the text you will see “last account activity: X minutes ago”, click “Details” and Gmail will reveal exactly when each IP address access your Gmail address including which device or operating system used.

Don’t forget to know someone ip address using Facebook 

Undo Send Gmail emails:

You have got the chance that you send emails, or have cc or bcc and then soon think that you should not send this email, so you need not worry because Gmail has come up with a feature to undo sent emails just

>click gear icon at the top right corner, under the “Labs Tab”, enable “Undo Send”, so you have done.

Delete Large Emails at once:

Gmail has come up with 15 Gb of free space both for an email account, Google Drive and for Google Plus account. If you are a regular Gmail user then u can easily see the bar line indicating the storage space. So from a lot of emails it is a little difficult  to sort out which email has attachment with large files, but don’t worry just

>search “size:[x number]m” and the results displayed in all emails greater the x number of megabytes, so hold Shift key while selecting multiple emails and send them to trash by saving lot of time.

Send Forbidden Files:

Gmail has a lot of security features while sending and receiving files, you can not send a file extension.EXE not even by direct attachment, but there is a way to send, just send them by using Google Drive another way is to paste a link of that file in an email and send it.

Import mails and Contacts from other email accounts:

It is also very important to import mails and contact from other email account or email server. It is also very easy:

> setting tab (gear icon at the right) > Accounts and import Tab> Import mails and contacts click on this and follow the instructions to import mails and contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, and another mail server, it is very helpful Gmail trick to import mail addresses and contacts to your new Gmail account.

So you have come up with some most helpful best Gmail tips and tricks, hope so you will find them to operate you Gmail account easily.

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