The Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft has introduced a variety of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to navigate between new features, like,snap (which lets you “snap” desktop windows to the left or right side of your screen, taking up either a half or a quarter of your display) virtual desktops, and even activate the new Cortana digital assistant. All the new important additions use the Windows key, so they’re easy to activate.

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windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Most of us are aware of taking advantage of a new interface and amazing features of Windows 10. But there are dozens of Microsoft Product users that have upgraded to windows 10 but still do not know about its hidden keyboard shortcuts and tweaks.

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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts:

So here are some of the interesting windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know. The important thing is that all shortcuts listed below are especially with “win key”

  • Winkey+Tab       =   Activate Task View
  • Winkey + Space =  Switch input language and keyboard.
  • Winkey + PrtScr =   take a screenshot saved to your Pictures folder
  • Winkey + Plus     =  zoom in using the Magnifier utility.
  • Winkey + Minus  =  zoom out using the Magnifier utility.
  • Winkey +,           =  temporarily hide apps to briefly show the desktop.
  • Winkey+ A          =   Activate Action Center
  • Winkey + C          =  Activate Cortana with Speech
  • Winkey + D         =  Minimize Apps and  Show desktop
  • Winkey + E          =  Open File Explorer
  • Winkey + G          =  Activates the new Xbox game bar to let you record games or take screenshots.
  • Winkey + H          =  Activates share feature in Windows 10 apps
  • Winkey + I           =  Opens Windows 10 settings
  • Winkey + K          =  Activates Connect feature to stream to wireless displays and audio devices
  • Winkey + L           =  Locks a machine (computer)
  • Winkey + P           =  Project a screen
  • Winkey + R           =  Run a command
  • Winkey + S            =  Activates Cortana
  • Winkey + U           =  Open the Ease of Access Center
  • Winkey + X           =  Opens power user features
  • Winkey + Left / Right / Up / Down   =  Snaps apps to the side of a screen (press Up or Down after snapping left / right to enable four apps to snap)
  • Winkey + Ctrl + D =  Creates a new virtual desktop
  • Winkey + Ctrl + F4 =  Close virtual desktop
  • Winkey + Ctrl + Left or Right  =  Switch between virtual desktops
  • Winkey + Shift + Left or Right =  Move apps from one monitor to another
  • Winkey + Shift+ Any Number Key =   launch a new instance of the app in the numbered taskbar slot
  • Winkey + Ctrl+Shift + Any Number Key =  same, but launch the app with admin powers enabled
  • Winkey + 1 / 2 / 3…  = Open programs that are pinned on the taskbar. The first app is number one, then second,third and so on…

Hope so you will get something new with these windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

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