Top Free Proxy Sites List – Best Proxy Servers List

Use top Free Proxy Sites alongwith the Best Proxy Servers list from USA, UK and other major countries to access banned websites in your school, college or even country.

Free Proxy Sites  and Best Proxy Servers List are just like the oxygen for the internet users,.

Especially when we try to access some  useful websites like video, social  or Gaming , and which are blocked by  Govt, ISP, our office, university, college or even in cafeteria, then it is a little bit panic for us without accessing these sites.

So it is necessary to have some free best proxy servers, so that whenever or from any location, we can access to them.

The best part of those proxy servers is that they are totally free to use and most of them are online at all time.

So we need not worry now from any of our websites that we can not open or access.

Before proceeding towards the best Proxy Servers List, Let’s see how these Free Proxy Servers work.

free proxy sites list
free proxy servers list

How a Proxy Server Works:

Whenever we access some specific or blocked website by using the Proxy website, then it will hide our identity or IP address and access the website by using some specific or dedicated servers or IP address other than we are using.

It is working on the back-end as the reverse proxy and working as intermediate source between us and the proxy Server.

Mainly the Free Proxy servers are from that country where the blocked website can be accessed in the normal way.

Also, the list is just to help to access some blocked website, although all free proxy sites are working, rather than if one is not responding, you can try another.

Best Proxy Servers List to access any blocked website online:

Here is the list of working best free proxy Servers list.

HideMyAss –

Free Open Proxy –

Hiload –

Proxify –

Proxy 2014 –

kProxy –

Unblock YouTube Free –

Zfreez –

BlewPass –

Unblock My Web –

4everproxy –

Vtunnel –

Free Proxy Server –

Working Proxy –

Ninja Clock – –

YouTube Free Proxy –

AnonyMizer – –

YouTube Unblock Proxy –

Unblock YouTube Beat School –

Free YouProxyTube –

AnonyMouse –

HideOnline Proxy –

Free YouTube –

New Ip Now –

Defilter –

Unblocker –

Quickproxy –

The Best Proxy –

Don’t Filter –

Fast USA Proxy –

Just Proxy –

Proxy-2014 –

VPN Browse –

ProxyOne –

Web Proxy Free –

Can’t Block This –

Vobas –

Proxyo –

Hide The Internet –

Greatest Free Proxy –

Rapid Proxy –

Hiding Your Info –

Proxay –

ViewTube –

PRO Unblock –

Proxy 4 Freedom –

WebSurf Proxy –

F4FP –


HideMyTraxProxy –

Working Proxy –


Star Doll Proxy –

HideMyAss UK –

Fish Proxy –

DZ Hot –

US Proxy –

You Liaoren –

Zacebook PK –

Proxys –

Justun Block IT –

FB Proxies –

1FreeProxy –

Sporium –

Suede Proxy –

To Proxy –

London Proxy –

Kr Proxy –

Proxy Browse –

Proxy Internet –

CA Proxies –

Proxy 2015 –

German Proxy –

Surf For Free –

PRO Intern –

Fast Time –

Host App –

Fun Proxy –

Canada Proxy –

US Proxy –

Network ByPass –

Go Proxy –

Zalmos –

Spedo –

Proxy This –

Jezus Loves This Proxy –

Intern Cloud –

PHProxy –

Saoudi Proxy –

America Proxy –

PK Proxy –

Travel VPN –

Hidden Digital –

Me Hide –

Brazil Proxy –

Proxy Call MeNames –

kProxy Site –

Xite Now –

Although in the above Free Proxy servers list, all Proxy webSites are free to use rather than it is recommended to not open any website having your personal account or any other financial detail, because they may steal your personal info.

Also if you found any Proxy site not responding then do comment me and share if you know some other free proxy server.

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