check website traffic

Free Tools to Check Website Traffic of Competitors

Want free tools to check website traffic of any website including your competitors, want to estimate how much traffic hits a website is getting…these are the main ideas for any blogger or marketer, especially if you are the beginner or want to do competitor analysis.

There are a lot of online traffic checking  tools , but here i am sharing the selected ones that are seems to be reliable and most of the bloggers and website owners use to estimate website traffic.

Before Proceeding Let’s see why we need to check website traffic or what other benefits we can get to know the estimated traffic for any website.

  • You will check website traffic sources of any site.
  • You will get idea of competitors top searches, top rankings keywords that are sending more traffic as well as your own.
  • You will know the targeted audience of your own as well as other niche related websites.
  • You will get idea to know the search rankings of your website.
  • From your competitor’s traffic and keyword idea, you will get better content ideas, this will also help to steal their page views and main sources of visitors.

check website traffic

Free Tools to Check Website Traffic Hits of Competitors:

Do you want to know how many people have actually visited your website or your competitors  for a specific period of time and estimated website traffic, then the following online tools will surely help you.

1-Similar web:

Although Similar web is mainly used to get  ideas of similar website related to your site, but this online tool is considered as one of the best source of traffic estimation along with other ones. So go to similar web and by entering website to search you will get:

Estimated traffic rank both globally and country specific, monthly page views, traffic sources, organic, social, direct or paid (if any), main traffic driving keywords,bounce rate and much more. It has wonderful display pattern to show any thing about traffic estimation free.


Whether you have heard its name or use this tool to estimate website traffic, it is the recommended online tool to get traffic ideas for any website. Go to SEMRush official site.

Like other sources it will not only give you accurate traffic estimation but will also display all the traffic generating keywords that your website can have or your competitors. The best thing about this traffic source is that you can search about traffic sources both worldwide or for any specific country, this will help to know from which country you are getting most of the traffic and which can give you better earnings.

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The most common,reliable and frequent source of traffic is alexa. There may be hardly any blogger or website owner that have not used this online traffic estimation tool.

The first thing is that you must have an account on alexa whether it is free or  paid to know lot of about traffic.

Go to and enter a website name to search for traffic, it will display traffic rank globally as well as country wise, so that you may familiar about the country that is giving much traffic to you and may decide the strategy to get traffic from your targeted audience. It will also give you top keywords from search engine. It will help you to check the main keywords driving traffic to you. Although some of the bloggers consider alexa a secondary level, yet the traffic estimation by it is accurate and is not ignore able.

You can use browser extension or alexa toolbar to know quickly about the features just in one click.

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Another free website traffic checking tool is compete. You can use this online source to estimate website traffic of nearly every site on the web. It is mainly work to compute the US visitors, so it is a good news for those who want the exact traffic report of US visitors. This may be the limitation of this tool, but rather than a good source for traffic of US visitors.

To get started, go to and enter your site name to search . You will get the data for a period of time comprising, the countries sending most visitors, the main traffic generating keywords,number of unique visitors along with the rank by comparison its close competitors  and much more, you can also download the report on pdf format for future comparison.

It has also pro version to maintain traffic estimation more precisely.


Just Like compete, it is also an US based targeted visitors traffic estimation website. you can get the visitors report by country, number of visitors from US and globally,media interest,general, even political interest and  the main keywords giving organic traffic for a prescribed period of time. So go to quantcast and have traffic report.

The main drawback using this service that it will not display traffic data for small websites but still a better online source.

There are other free tools and online resources to check website traffic, but I have shared top of them, do comments about the topic and share your experience.

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