11 Essential Tips for Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is becoming the essential part as numbers of Smartphone users are gradually increasing day by day, it is very important for each and every business to go mobile. Instead of trying only direct marketing, every business needs to utilize online marketing techniques to stay competitive in the industry.

Especially advises if you are a low-budget businessman or want to promote it free (or at low-cost) then this article of mobile app marketing is for you because this is not only necessary for your product but will also for your business too.

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11 Essential Tips for Mobile App Marketing:

Here is a list of 11 Mobile App marketing tips to reach a huge number of mobile audience.

1-App Store Optimization (ASO)

Based on a variety of ranking factors, both Google Play and Apple’s App Store automatically prioritize certain Mobile apps. Unlike SEO app store optimization it does not fit all.

The most important thing about the app store optimization is your app’s title. You can also refer to Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to check the terms related to your app people search on mobile.

When it is about ASO, it is necessary to fill out all the fields with related details while submitting your mobile app to the app stores and choose your categories.

Similar to SEO social links are also important. Concentrate on promoting your app through Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

2-Facebook Marketing:

The most effective way of getting mobile app installs is through the intelligent use of Facebook’s advertising platform. It takes a long time to set up this, but here is some advice:

  • Utilize a combination of page promoted posts and sponsored stories to reach mobile news feeds.
  • Utilize an oCPM for conversions or installs bid type.
  • Utilize a combination of high-resolution images and URL posts.

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3-Promoted Tweets:

The other effective way of driving mobile app marketing is promoted tweets. You can start with a small budget by testing various keywords and scale up the best cost-per-acquisition drives.

4-Build viral mechanics into the app:

This technique is one that is talked about. Marketing your mobile app should be built into your app, if possible. How does your app encourage social sharing to the user’s social profiles? Instead of having a linear growth where one user refers to another user, you should have an exponential growth where one user refers to two users.

5-Drive reviews, naturally:

Reviews are an important factor in convincing the people to download your app. So it is important to drive reviews effectively.

6-Mobile specific ad networks:

There are nearly hundreds of ad networks currently available, so it is difficult to separate the good one from bad ones.

7-Create a microsite & apply traditional web marketing tactics:

Mobile app marketing is hard because there are only a limited number of ‘catchments’ where you can catch people downloading your app and these places are very competitive to get more views. Creating a microsite provides a host of marketing opportunities.

8-Leverage other people’s audiences:

The other effective way of driving mobile app installs is guest posting. When you know more about your target audience and those publications that they read, your guest posting strategy will be more informed.

9-Reddit, Quora, and niche networks:

Reddit advertising is very cheap. You can advertise or contribute to social networks, such as Reddit or Quora. Google’s display network can also be used to run your ads on some of the websites that support Google Ads. This will be more powerful when it is done properly.


The interesting thing about an app microsite is that you can use retargeting to run ads to those people who had visited your app microsite but have not downloaded it.

11-Email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic and converting leads to users/customers. You can build a newsletter and offer your user data that is valuable to them. They will ultimately be inclined to download your app.

Hope, these ideas would help you to improve your Mobile app marketing strategy. Do you have a new idea? Let us know in comments!!

Author Bio: Ravi Varma is a web developer working for Chennai Web Development offering custom web application development services in Chennai. Apart from work, she loves blogging and social media.

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