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How to verify if an Email Address is Valid and Exists

How do you know if an email address is valid and exists? check whether the email address is fake or real..? The easiest way to verify email address is by sending a fake email to that address and wait for an hour or so to see the result, or just hover over the email address in the address bar and see if any social profile related to that email address is found, but this practice is old and may not fulfill our desire.

so there must be a method to verify an email address before sending email to it. it is also very important to us especially if the email links to some important work or have some attachment.

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 How to verify Email address instantly:

Let’s say that you want to verify the email address then, it is very easy to do so.

There are two methods to verify email address:

verify email address

1-Find Email address by the Service provider:

Say you have the email address of any server (even except Gmail or Yahoo), the following method will surely help you to verify email address, I have used Gmail service provider to check the email:

  • Just go to that email sender login page and pretend for the lost/ forgotten password.
  • Enter the email id to verify or check and click next to see, if the email provider continues to next page then the email address is valid otherwise it will show the message that the email address not exists.

verify email address

2-Verify email address online:

You can also verify email address in the compose new email widows and after entering an email address, just hover over the mouse over the address and see any listing in the social media.

there is a lot of online methods to verify email address online, just by entering the email address and wait for a moment to see the result. Some of the online email verification websites are listed below:


It is hope so that you have found the above short tutorial helpful to verify email address before sending email to it and identify it as real or fake email id.

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