URL Shortening Services to increase social media engagement

URL Shortening Services to increase Social Media Engagement

URL Shortening services are becoming popular among the bloggers and webmasters.Many of us are using this tool to shorten long url and easily share it among  fellows & friends on social media,conversations and forums.

Although some of the url shortening websites offered limited time to use their services but most of them provide this service to shorten url for life time including url description and API.

Today i am going to share

  • How to use url shortening services to increase social media engagement
  • list of url shortening services
  • Online tools to retrieve original URL

URL Shortening Services to increase social media engagement

How to use URL Shortening Service to increase Social Media Engagement:

Suppose you have a famous brand introductory article and you want to use a reliable source to share it, you will surly use Social Media and Forums Threads, but just think that most of the people when see the complete original url may not bother to visit it. So you must have a hidden url that may automatically redirect to the one that you desire, so for this you will use shorten url of your original one.

Also social media like twitter will not allow to show full url,so instead of that you may use your own custom shorten url to redirect your post or brand introduction and by hiding your real url, you can increase engagement and hence can turn this into more traffic.

So in order to use the custom url shorten link, just go to any website listed below > enter the original link to be shortened and click submit button.

Let’s see the list of websites providing best url shortening services.

List of URL Shortening Services:

URL Shortening services will not only make your long url tiny but will also track the number of visitors that have clicked to reach the original url. Alongwith that these url are easy to share and most of the social media accept them to use at their website.

Here is the list of top URL shortening Services

  • adf.ly
  • goo.gl
  • 7.ly
  • admv.link
  • cli.gs
  • twurl.nl
  • snipurl.com
  • poprl.com
  • ad.vu
  • budurl.com
  • bc.vc
  • al.ly
  • bit.do
  • fur.ly
  • doiop.com
  • good.ly
  • is.gd
  • lnked.in
  • lynk.my
  • qr.net
  • shrinkee.com
  • shrinkurl.in
  • sptfy.com
  • tinyurl.com
  • tny.im
  • zi.ma
  • adfoc.us
  • hec.su
  • shorte.st
  • tr.im

Online Tools to Retrieve original of the Shorten url.

Since a shorten url is a kind of redirection, so a visitor will not able to access it directly and ultimately it will reach the original url. Although It is very helpful to increase engagement  in the social media like Facebook and Twitter, but still for information and security, a visitor is curious to know the original url of the shorten url before clicking. There are many online url expanders and retrieval websites to help the bloggers and webmasters, some of them are listed below.

  • Know url                      (http://www.knowurl.com/)
  • Sucuri                           (https://sucuri.net/)
  • Chcek Short URL       (http://checkshorturl.com/)
  • Get Link Info               (http://www.getlinkinfo.com/)
  • Untiny                           (http://untiny.com/)

Although there are many url retriever available to get original url from the shorten url, but i have listed above the most authentic and rated ones.

Hope so you have got enough knowledge to see the importance of the use of url shortening services to increase engagement on social media.

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