How to Embed Facebook Message Button on Your Website

How to embed Facebook Message Button on your website is the topic of today.

Email has always be the most easy and reliable source of communication and to send messages. Even now most of the people rely on this source and of course they have reason to do that. many website owners have used the email form to subscribe and communicate with the readers, but soon or later people realized that the method is a little lazy and there should be some quick and easy way to communicate with people.

When talking about the social media then Facebook is heart favorite and of course Facebook messenger needs no more words to explain.

The main benefit of using Facebook message button that the person needs not necessary to be on samrtphone , he may be on laptop or computer, so it will quickly communicate the website owner with the clients or visitors and hence will help to improve the conversion rate.

How to Embed Facebook Message Button on Your Website:

This step by step guide will explain you the method to embed Facebook message button on your website.

1- Copy the following code snippet.

<a href=“”>Message us on Facebook</a>

remember to replace the letters xyz with your Facebook vanity name,it may be your Facebook profile name or your website brand name, if you have not then you can use your numerical Facebook profile id instead.

2-Take an image of appropriate size and make hyperlink with that image.

That’s all, now put this on any prominent place at your website.

so when ever someone clicks on that image it will directly goes to the Facebook messenger page.

Click to see the demo

embed facebook message button

There may be a possibility that you are unable to see messages sent to you, it is because they are not in your friend list. So to do that go to and click the more drop down and then click the filtered to see all messages that are not in your main messenger inbox.

You have learnt a simple way to create and embed Facebook message button, if you feel any word to elaborate than feel free to comment.

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