Top Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Being a smartphone user, we often visit Google Play Store to update new applications or to download new ones. The use is so simple, but somehow or other we may feel that some apps while downloading should not display as shortcut on the home screen, or want to restrict the automatic update of installed apps, and many more….there are few settings and configuration that may help to better manage download, purchases, and even our devices.

Top Google Play Store Tips and Tricks:

Here are the top Google Play Store tips and tricks that will make to use Play Store more effectively by taking control of the apps.

Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

1-Disable Update Notification:

By default, this store will update all your apps automatically or even show a notification to update your existing apps. If you wish not to update your current app and want to keep its current version, then there is an option to do so.

Just follow:

  • Open Play Store app > Settings
  • Untick Notifications

2- Disable Auto-add widgets shortcut For New Apps:

Every time we download a new app and an auto widget shortcut display at the home screen, it is good but by the time our smartphone home screen may be overcrowded that may be annoyed, so want to get rid of it, then there is a solution for it.

  • Open Play Store > Settings
  • Untick Auto-add Widgets

3- Request For a Refund of an App:

This online store has both a Free and Paid (Pro) version of an app. Let’s say we have purchased an app but we are not satisfied with it or someone other accessed our account to do that activity, then there is an option to refund our money back, although there is an option to get back money within 15 minutes. However, if we did not avail that time then we can request a refund of our money, just follow:

  • Click on the Gear icon > My orders
  • Find the app that you want to refund the money
  • Click on the favicon than choose to report a problem
  • Choose I’d like to request a refund from the drop-down and describe your reason
  • Next Click on Submit

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4- Install an app that isn’t available in your country:

There might be a chance that you want to download an app from Google Play Store but it was not available in your country than before downloading it from the untrusted third-party source just wait and read this tip.

  • All you have to do is download VPN (Virtual Private Network)(you can download a VPN app from your existing Google Play Store), then it will show your connection from a remote area, other than your country. (Don’t worry it is fully secured to use this method.)
  • Access the country whose play store you want to access in the VPN app.
  • Open Play store > Select the app to download

5- Put a Parental Lock on Google Play:

If you do not want to access any other to download any inappropriate app like Game or other Location finders, then this trick might help you, just follow the steps:

  • Open Play Store > menu icon > Settings
  • ┬áTap parental Control > hit slider to On Position (it will ask to create a parental lock PIN code)
  • Create a PIN Code

So whenever your child or any other person wants to download an app of his choice, he has to enter a PIN for this. So in this way you can control the improper downloading of apps. For children, you can specify the age factor lock, so that he may download limited or no app without the PIN.

6- Redeem a Promotional Code:

If you have a Google Gift card then you can redeem it in few steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store > Swipe Left to Right (or click on the three dots) > ┬áSelect Redeem
  • Enter Your Code and Redeem

7- Filter Google Play Content:

Google Play offers a number of the content filter to download/appear the apps of your own wish. This will only display the types of apps that you want to, just follow the steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store > Swipe from Left to Right > Settings
  • User Control > Content Filtering Options. You can customize these options by check or unchecked the five filtering options under Allow apps rated for which include ‘Everyone’, ‘Low maturity’, ‘Medium maturity’, ‘High maturity’, and ‘Show all apps’. > Click ok

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So you have gone through some of the favorite and useful Google Play Store tips and tricks, if you have any question, feel free to ask.

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  1. Hi Rafaqat ,
    You have done a great post!!!
    Android phone users visit Google Play Store to install apps of their use for business or personal purposes. Following some of the tips and tricks as mentioned in the post can definitely help android users. Point number 5 is very useful for android users as at times we have to give our phone to family or friends and by putting a parental lock a user can have control on the apps download. One more advantage for the users is that they can add apps to their wishlist and can install or buy it later on when required. As many times we forget app name using this wishlist feature can save your time.


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