Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Softwares to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

Top 10 Best Free Keylogger software is the hardware or tiny software to monitor keystrokes activities in windows is the topic of today.

In order to check the keystroke activity of a computer, as a password typed, social media activity, taking screenshots or some other sensitive information, a small piece of software or a hardware device is used namely as Keylogger.

For most of the users, a keylogger in the form of a small software is preferred, rather than a hardware device since one can easily detect it and the purpose of this software will be no longer.

best free keylogger softwares

keyloggers are mainly used by the Parents to record their children’s activity, especially on social media, so that they won’t get involved in some unknown person or activity.

It can also be used by a boss to monitor their employs, just to ensure whether they are not stealing some sensitive info or record or it may also use just to spy your own computer if you have doubted its private use… we should not consider it only a spy software to steal info of other persons.

It can also be used by a boss to monitor their employs, just to ensure whether they are not stealing some sensitive info or record or it may also use just to spy your own computer if you have doubted its private use… we should not consider it only a spy software to steal info of other persons.

Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows:

Although there is a number of keylogger software available globally, I have selected  Top 10 best free keylogger software to monitor keystrokes in windows easily and secretly.

1- Actual Keylogger:

It is one of the best free keylogger software that can work in an excellent way, Although it can only capture the keystrokes typed in windows but rather than it has excellent spy software because:

  • This software works in invisible mode, even no icon/shortcut can be found in the program file.
  • You can not see at startup since it is invisible even at the startup.
  • It is password protected and if a user finds it any way he may not able to uninstall/remove.

Its trial version can be downloaded from their website

2-G³ ISAM:

G3 ISAM is a free keylogger software to record both keystrokes and capture screenshot. It has many features like automatic emailing log files, keywords marking, displaying banner to alert the users.

Although the program is hidden when running, still it has some disadvantages like it is not password protected and can be seen in the program files list and in uninstalling folder in the control panel. But still, it is good Keylogger software.

Download this software from here.

3-Spyrix Free Keylogger:

This is one that is most suitable to have a spy on the online activity of your children, especially the elder one. Because it will record not only each and every keystroke that children typed online but can also take screenshots % clipboard and give a good report about the activity of your young ones.

This keylogger software will not stop them to work either it will not feel them that an eye is catching their activities.

Although it is a completely hidden spy program still it can be found by checking the task manager in program running also its program folder is not hidden as well.

Download spirit free keylogger

4-Widestep Elite Keylogger:

This is one of the best keyloggers for the Mac users but windows users can have only its trial or introductory version.

In mac, it can record each keystroke, detected every site visited or any other activity done online or offline. It can also check the clipboard and can take the screenshots for the set intervals.

It’s free version detect but a Pro version is completely hidden and protected.

Download sidestep Elite Keylogger


As by name this free keylogger is suitable for the teenagers, because like other it can record every keystroke, take screenshots, check SMS, photo, instant message, and even Skype call and chats…..of course, it is the best to spy your teenagers whether they are not doing any illegal activity like Gambling or unnecessary buying.

Although Kidlogger free version is limited to windows its Pro version can be used for Windows, Mac, and Android Smartphones.

6-Revealer Keylogger Free:

It is most downloaded best free keylogger software over the internet, especially on CNet…Because it is lite and simple in use and does not use enough RAM to make it busy.

Like other Free, Keylogger is can also record keystrokes, capture screenshots, automatic email notification.

One thing that must keep in mind is the free program while its installation so must keep an eye during its installation.

Download Revealer Keylogger Free

7-Refog Free Keylogger:

Refog Free Keylogger software is mostly suitable for Business and corporate activities.

Although its free version can only record keystrokes, visited websites, ran program and computer activities.

However in its Pro version, the user can take screenshots of the webcam, email delivery and notification of some specific keywords typed.

So it can be one of the best among free keyloggers.

The best thing is it is password protected and one can use it in invisible mode.

 8-Real Free Keylogger:

Like other free keyloggers, this can also check the keystroke typed. During its installation, it will ask to set a password to make it password protected, which is good.

Normally it is invisible but can be found by checking the show files and folders in the Folder option.

It comes with a scheduler to automatically start logging and its record can be downloaded in HTML format.

Download Real Free Keylogger

9-iWantSoft Free Keylogger:

iwantsoft free keylogger software is also suitable for Mac users. Although it can track the keystrokes, unable to record the online visited sites, sports chat records and also can not take shots, but however easy to use and is available in invisible mode

 10-Free Keylogger:

By using this Free keylogger we can see the record of typed keystrokes, screenshots, visited sites and other activity.

Although it is good software, the thing that makes it at the lowest of the top ten rankings is its invisibility.

It can not be used in invisible mode, so the user can see while it is running by showing a system tray icon in the start ant during usage.

hope so you will find one of the best free keylogger software to have an eye on your children, young ones and employees, just to make sure they are not misusing the computer.

Do you have an idea of any other software then do share in the comments?

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