Top Free Websites to Watch Live TV Online on Computer or Laptop

There are plenty of websites available to watch live tv online both on computers and smartphones that claim to provide free live tv streaming services still most of them compromise on the quality and of course some of them demand some amount for continuous live streaming on these websites.

So whether you want some movie, sports event, or lover of some dramas or game show, then you might be using some cable or satellite network for this.

But if you want to enjoy live streaming on a laptop or smartphone on the go then the internet is for you for such online resources that may have no or little monthly subscription.

Keeping in view of all these requirements and to give readers the best quality free tv streaming, I have compiled a list of those online tv and video streaming sites that will not only provide quality links but will also not charge a single penny for free live internet tv.

The only thing you need is a fast internet connection and of course a good device.

These online tv streaming sites have a library of all channels including:

live sports events, tv shows, dramas, movies, religion, music, news, shopping, live webcams, weather, Kids world, finance, and much more, listed as the country, language, and category wise not only for a specific area but around the world to give the user the best experience of watching their favorite programs.

watch free live tv streaming websites on laptop or computer

Websites to Watch Free Live TV Online Streaming Sites:

So whether you want to watch live movies online or some news channel or have cool entertainment, is the list for you. Just Copy and Paste the Links given below.

  • Free Live channels around the globe in many languages. (
  • Free top internet Channels list category and the country vise with a popular listing. (
  • Live Movies and Dramas with feature listing. (
  • Online Indian and Pakistani Channels (
  • watch all live sports events around the world along with global news and entertainment channels (
  • Live tv Streaming – Country-wise list, Group-wise and most viewed channels list (
  • Free tv online – Region-wise selection, country wise,top channels list (
  • Online tv streaming grouped in the country, region, most viewed channels by category, featured free live streaming, and much more (
  • Watch free online tv streaming especially from India and Pakistan including all categories of  channels (

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Things to Remember While Watching Free Internet TV Streaming on Computer or laptop:

Online television is a good source of entertainment and information worldwide. But there are some things to remember while accessing the above-mentioned sources just to secure your information and money.

  • Keep an Eye on the unnecessary ads and pop-ups: Since the facility of these websites is free of cost, so the site owner may have added some coding or programming that may be annoying for the viewers in the form of advertisement pop-ups, so try to avoid any click on these ones so that you may not de track.
  • Do not download any suspicious software: Sometimes the site owner forces the visitor to download any software in the form of the plugin or any other software to watch online streaming clearly, just to avoid it because it may be a virus or any other program that may harm your computer.
  • Always Update your Browsers: While using any browser, it will display a notification to auto-update it timely, it is good to do online, so avoid any update notified during the site visit.

I hope so this streaming sites list will help you to watch live tv online free, and also the precautionary measurement described above. If you know any other free live streaming sites then do share with visitors.

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