Best Gmail Extensions to Improve Email Productivity

Best Gmail Extensions to Improve Email Productivity

Best Gmail extensions to improve email productivity is the topic of today. Since Gmail has become the choice of millions of people around the globe, and the number is increasing day by day…all is due its vast features and securities that other email providers are hard to furnish. From its 2 step verification to using filters to manage emails of our own choice, even it has the option to save all email messages in Google Docs and much more.

Today I will discuss some of the best Gmail extensions that will help to improve email productivity and make the use of this email service in a convenient way.

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Best Gmail Extensions to Improve Email Productivity:

So here is the collection of the best Gmail extensions in the form of Gmail Plugins to improve email productivity.

best gmail extensions to improve email productivity

1-Read emails while in Gmail Offline Mode:

Let’s say that you have just signed up to Gmail account and have lost internet connection, so you will be unable to read or even search any email from the inbox, that was possible for that time but by using Gmail Offline feature you will not further need to be online to do all that just install and activate it from Chrome web store and enjoy Gmail features even on offline mode, however, you will be unable to send or receive any new email, but still it is a great feature to improve Gmail Productivity.

Note: This Chrome extension to read Gmail messages offline was discontinued by Google in September 2018, instead of it one can use Gmail’s new native offline mode.

2- Snooze Your Emails for Gmail account:

Suppose you have subscribed a service to receive updates or you are working for some kind of marketing company to get in touch with the clients, in that case, you may receive a lot of emails in your Gmail inbox that will not only annoyed but also may pause or delay your other incoming emails, but just thanked to Gmail Chrome Extension to Snooze emails .

By installing this extension you will be able to make a pause (of your own choice from minutes to hours a day) to that kind of emails and read them at that specific time.

3- Checker Plus to Manage Multiple Gmail Account:

The best Gmail extension for users having multiple Gmail accounts. You can easily manage all Gmail account in one place by using this Checker Plus Gmail extension, you can have all accounts in the drop-down menu from which you can even have voice input to write a message and do a lot of other features.

4-Schedule Emails to Send Later: 

There is often a chance that we compose an email and do not want to send it to know, especially if we want to:

  • Say Happy birthday
  • Project Management
  • Remember to Pay Bills
  • Communicate with the people with different Time Zones
  • Managing Travel Confirmation by sending emails for their returning day

To do all mentioned task “Boomerang for Gmail” is specially designed Google Chrome Extension.

All you need is to install and activate this schedule email extension and decide the time delay when the other person will receive the email.


It is perhaps the most interesting Gmail Extension coz it will just do magic for you, just think that you want to send an email to someone and want to track it that whether it has reached to the responder, he read it or not and so on…Need not worry because all these characteristics can be found in one Gmail extension.

So along with the mentioned properties it has a special feature and worked like some James Bond Style…don’t get confused, when the other person received the email then (if you wished) it will be automatically destructed (delete) from its inbox.

The above mentioned are the best Gmail extensions for Google Chrome just to improve  Email Productivity.

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