how to setup gmail vacation responder email message

How to Setup Gmail Vacation Responder autoreply email message

Learn to setup Gmail vacation responder auto-reply email message especially when you are out office on vacation around some far off place and want some email in form of Gmail away message.

Gmail has a number of features like to automatically delete spam emails from the Gmail and many others. But today I going to give you detail about one of the famous Gmail account feature which can help to setup Gmail vacation responder to auto reply the persons whom you want.

Setup Gmail Auto reply email message


What is Gmail Vacation Responder and why we need it:

Say you have planned to go outside in hill station, to visit some far off place or want to be away from your busy office life and you want a free email service that may deal with your clients or friends by sending them an auto-reply email message, then Gmail vacation responder service is for you.

This service will set a date limit for you, during that if some person wants to contact you through email service, then a short auto-reply email message will work for you and will deal your important task. You can even add a phone number as an option.

So Let’s proceed to see how to setup Gmail vacation responder auto-reply message service.

gmail vacation responder out office

  • Sign in to Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings (by clicking on Gear icon at the top Right)
  • Scroll down to the option of “Gmail Vacation Responder” (by default it will set to off. just on it)
  • Select dates during which you want to avail the auto-reply email service.
  • Write down a title and body of the email, you can add your mobile number, so that if someone wants to contact he may do so.
  • Hit Save button and that’s all.

gmail vacation responder auto reply message

Hope so you have learned to set up Gmail Vacation Responder auto-reply email message service. Do comments with your feedback and watch the youtube tutorial for more guideline.

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