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How to Auto Forward Gmail Emails From One Account to Another

Learn how to auto forward Gmail Emails from one account to another automatically using Gmail Filter in an easy way.

Gmail has a built-in facility to forward emails automatically to one or multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. All we have to do is to define some rules using Gmail filters and can avail this facility free.

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automatic mail forwarding

Why we need to Forward Mails from One Gmail Account to Another:

Let’s see first the importance of auto-mail forward from Gmail to another account:

  • You are receiving the email from the specific sender and you want this email at one of your other email ids, than this function will auto forward the specific email to the email address or addresses.
  • Your friend has given your email address and you are receiving emails on his behalf, now you want to forward automatically the emails to your friend email address.
  • You are a business person and you want to send the email to your employees or clients id.

How to Auto Forward Gmail Messages from Specific Sender:

Below are the simple steps to elaborate automatic mail forwarding to another email id.

gmail auto forward

  • Sign in with your Gmail id.
  • Go to Settings (by Pressing Gear Icon at top right corner) and in the sub menu select settings.
  • In the new window select Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Click to Create a New Filter

forward mail from gmail

  • In new Windows in the first option of From, write the Email id of that Person whose emails you want to forward Leave other options as it and Click Create Filter with this search.
  • In next Windows there are multiple options, just go to option of Forwarding to (if it is highlighted then write the email id to which you want to forward emails.)If not highlighted than first add address by following the process.

forward the email automaticallt

  • Click Create Filter and you are done.

Hope so you have got enough knowledge to auto forward Gmail messages from one account to another, see the video for more detail and don’t hesitate to feed back.

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