Make Facebook Status or Post Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough

Make Facebook Status Post Bold, italic, underline. While using facebook strikethrough generator, one can make post stylish and attractive in few clicks.

If you are bored by commenting or updating Facebook status in a single font and make it something different, bold, italic or in symbols, then this blog post is for you, and you will be no more away to make your blog post and status Stylish and prominent.

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make facebook status stylish strikethrough generator

How to Make Facebook Status Bold, Italic, Underline, flip text and Strikethrough:

Following two facebook text formatting  methods can make Facebook Status strikethrough, underline or bold:

Method 1:

This method is introduced by Facebook itself and can be adopted, So get ready to give a Style to your Facebook Posts or Status by following the steps given below:

make facebook status bold

make facebook status italic

  • Go to Your Profile Page and go for More option
  • In the drop down menu, confirm if “Notes” is selected, if yes then save it.
  • In the next windows write the message and highlight it to make it bold, italic or what you want.
  • Copy the text and paste in the Facebook status bar to make your friends astonished.

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make facebook status post bold italic

Method 2:

This is third Party website method and based on facebook text generator,  in which there are a lot of options rather than the given by Facebook. So follow the steps:

  • Go to website link
  • There are lot op options to make text stylish, we will go for “cool text”
  • Scroll down and see the options small text generator, flip text, bubble text, over line text and much more besides making it bold, italic or underline.
  • There are also multiple options of making text underline, strikethrough on Facebook or over the line more than many times.

make facebook status stylish

Just make it as you want, copy and paste in the Facebook Status.

Have fun and share it with your friends.

Do comments with your feedback.

See video Tutorial to make Facebook Status bold, strikethrough or underline.

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