Use Facebook Activity Log to Search all Post History Of Facebook Profile Page

Is it possible to use the Facebook Activity Log feature to search all Post History of Facebook Profile Page..?

Yes, it is now you can explore are posts, likes, dislikes, comments, images, videos or else one whether by you or by the visitor in easily and in a few steps.

The Facebook activity log is a unique facility provided by Fb to its users among all other Social media, Through this, you can not only explore all your activities on your timeline since your usage but can also manage it as per your need.

facebook activity log feature

When talking about this Facebook profile feature, you have the option to see any post, it may be from any year, month or day.

Whether it is some birthday wish, some likes or Photos of some special occasions, all is saved at your Timeline and can be search through Facebook activity log feature.

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There may be the chance that you have forgotten whether you have wished someone on his birthday last year or in the previous years, everything can be found through Facebook activity log feature.

How to Use Facebook Activity Log to Search all Post History Of Profile Page:

It is very easy to use and explore all your Facebook Posts through this Facebook feature, just follow the steps:

  • Log in your Facebook account and click on your Facebook Profile Page.
  • In the Right corner (below Cover Photo) click on “View Activity Log
  • facebook activity log
  • You will see a list of all posts, likes, comments, etc with the most recent Post at the top. You can scroll down to see all posts.
  • Two main things: one on the right side with years and a second one on the left side with Filters options.

Facebook activity log search

  • By selecting the year, you can switch to the year and from there you can explore all your posts and the posts by the visitors.
  • By selecting the beginner year, you can found your very first fb Post, from there you can found the very First Facebook Activity on your Timeline…This may be our Facebook usage Birthdate.
  • Besides every post, you have options to like, unlike, delete or even you can change the privacy of the post.
  • On the Right side there are Filter Options: By using this you can search only
    1. Post by You
    2. By others
    3. Uploaded Photos
    4. Likes & Comments

So in this way you have full control over all the posts on your Facebook profile page.

Next time you need not remember what have you post last year or in the previous year, just go through this feature and explore all that you have done.

Activity Log Feature for Mobile Users:

In order to see the Activity Log search feature for the mobile user, just follow the steps:

  • Click on Your fb Profile Page.
  • Click on the Three verticle Lines at the right side of the windows.
  • Scroll down to find the “Activity Log” option, click and have all search history of your Profile Page.

I hope so you will get something informative, do comments with your feedback.

Watch the video to learn the Facebook Activity Log feature.

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