How to Recover hacked Facebook Account Easily – Account Recovery Tips

The questions normally asked in these days:

How to recover a hacked Facebook account?

my facebook account is hacked and email changed,

how to recover hacked facebook account without email,

recover hacked facebook account through friends link….and so on…

The answer and solutions of these will be discussed in today’s article.

There are a lot of tricks in the form of keylogger software to hack or gain access to someone’s Facebook account. Many of new Facebook Users or one who has a great contribution to the Facebook activities may face such an issue of hacking their account and want its recovery.

Although it is very painful for someone that his Facebook account got hacked and he has no more access to his account and all associated Pages and even Groups, and at that stage, you are deemed to be hopeless and helpless.

hacked facebook account recovery

But need not to worry because now Facebook has brought a new method to recover hacked Facebook account through some steps.

Easy Steps to Recover Hacked Facebook Account:

If you try to login with your existing email address/Phone number and Password and find it wrong and you become dead sure that your account might hack than the following steps will help you to recover Hacked Facebook account:

  1. Go to the link and click on “My Account Is Compromised
  2. Enter Email, Phone number, username or full name and hit enter, the Facebook will search the matching Profile name. In case you did not find you’re then asking some of your friends to check your Profile by using his Facebook account. (It might possible that hacker has changed the Facebook Profile address along with your Primary email address) Click on your Profile.
  3. Type the current or Old Password that you have used earlier to log in and hit enter. Facebook will show it the wrong Password. Actually, you have entered the wrong Password because the hacker has already changed it. So click reset my password button.
  4. Since your Primary email (the login email) has changed so you don’t want to send further notifications to the hacker email id, so click on “No Longer Have access to These”.
  5. Next, Give your new email address or Phone number to access the hacked Facebook account.
  6. In the next window give the answer to the security question and hit next to set a new password for your Facebook account. Facebook may send you an email followed by a recovery link to have your full access to the Facebook account. That’s all you have got your Facebook account back.

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What Happened if I forgot the Security answer:

That was a crucial moment when your Facebook account was hacked and you did not remember your Facebook account secret answer….so need not worry because now you have to do some further steps to recover a hacked Facebook account.

  1. If you did not remember the security answer than going to your email address and send an email to and describe your full case, wait for the reply.
  2. Facebook may ask you to upload some of your identity in the form of a National Identity card, Driving License, Passport or any other authentic document, so do it and wait for their reply.

It may take up to 24 hrs depending upon your case and the number of cases that are already in Que.

I hope so you will get an email back with a link to change Facebook Password and have full access to the account again.

I hope so you will find enough knowledge to recover a hacked Facebook account,  do comment if you found any other idea for Facebook account recovery.

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  1. Someone inserted THEIR phone number for password recovery on MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, and I have the name and number of that person. Can this be criminal? Or, can I at least report it so he can be ” punished”. His name is Brian BEMEL, and the # he put in was 805-798-2857.


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