Secure Facebook Account from Being Hacked – Follow Easy Steps

How to secure Facebook account from hacking is the topic of today.

Facebook security is a major issue at all times. We are having many cases in our daily life, where someone account hacked and have to do a lot of efforts to recover hacked Facebook account.

Although in many cases the Facebook account recovered successfully, keeping in view the info and the case history being provided to the Facebook authority, still there are a lot of pending cases…

This kind of thing may happen timely.

But today I will give you some important tips that will help to secure Facebook account in the future from the hackers or the access of unknown persons.

secure facebook account from hackers

Secure Facebook Account from Hackers in 4 Easy Steps:

In order to ensure Your Facebook Account Security, follow the steps given below:

1- Choose Strong Password

Somehow or other while choosing password we consider the words/letters that are easy to remember.

The Facebook Password should not be related to your name, address, hobbies, date of birth  etc because  but just keep in mind

“easy to remember may be easy to guess”,

so try to choose Strong Password for Facebook Login, usually:

  • Alpha Numeric with some special Character including it.
  • It should be more than 8 characters long

There is also numerous website help to choose the encrypted password. So try to choose one.

It is also important to change Facebook Password after some time.

2-Do does not share or Choose Facebook Password for other Places to Login:

For our ease, we usually have one Password for more than account…but this is bad practice because all email Providers are not reliable, so try not to share your Facebook Account Password to else one:

  • Friend, unknown Person or some Third-Party application.

3- Do not Use Facebook in Public Places:

Beware to use Facebook at Public Places (Like internet Cafe, College Canteen….or elsewhere) because the person may have installed some hidden/spy software like Keylogger, that may use to steal your info.

Also in Public Places, do not select to “keep me login”

4- Use Facebook Security Features:

Facebook has its own security features that may help a lot to secure a Facebook account.

Just go to

Facebook Security Feature

and focus on the following Facebook Security Features especially:

  • Login Alerts: By enabling this option when anyone signs in (if he has the password) or wants to try then you will receive an email message at your primary email address, so that you may check it.
  • Login Approvals: This is my favorite one because using this you will receive a text message on your mobile, it has two more options:

Facebook Security feature login alerts

  1. First, if you want to receive a text message every time whenever you (or anyone else) logged in on any device, it is called Two Factor Authentication (Recommended)
  2. The second one when you logged in and receive confirmation code to login, it will ask to save the device and next time will not ask again any code.

secure facebook account login approvals

  • There are also other options like Security keys, code generator… so that you may save them and use whenever you want to log in any device.
  • Your Trusted Contacts: Your trusted contacts are friends you chose who can securely help if you ever have trouble accessing your account. In case you don’t remember a password or someone has hacked your Facebook account then this gives you the option to add 3 to 5 of your trusted contacts to help you.
  • Where you are Logged in: Suppose you have logged in at someone other Friend’s computer or mobile phone and forget to sign out then this option will help to not only recognize such devices but will also give you an option to sign out from them remotely. It is a great feature of Facebook.
  • Deactivate your account: Don’t judge at the words because Facebook will give you the option to Deactivate your Facebook account forever or even for a short interval of time, so whenever you want to access it again, it will be in your hand.

There are a lot of other Facebook security features, you can check them one by one.

I hope so you will get enough info to secure Facebook account from hacking.

Do comments with your feedback.

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  1. Great post. Facebook is one of the main targets of hackers nowadays as it contains lots of our personal info, photos and videos.

    Thanks a lot for this writing. Have a wonderful time ahead.


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